Saturday, September 30, 2006

Quote Of The Month

Yes, its that time again...

This month it would have been very easy to cop out and take one of the many unintentionally funny 'Good Conservative' quotes from around the British Blogosphere and embarass those stalwart defenders of 'Westminster at any price' politics still further. But no, I am determined that this award shall remain one of merit rather than amusement.

So without further ado I give you this month's lucky winner, Laban Tall of UK Commentators, with a short but extremely sweet quote on the subject of London's beloved Mayor.

On the Today programme at 8.35 this morning, Ken says that
multiculturalism's working.

"Religiously-motivated attacks have declined ...."

I missed him saying "... although admittedly one of them was rather


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

All The News They REALLY Dont Want You To Hear

Via the man who I'd vote for if he formed a political party (see comments here), a touching story of how our multicultural enrichment is being vibrantly illustrated each and every night of Ramadan in the very heart of our new European nation, as the local population enjoys the colourful spectacle of Brussels' Islamic community indulging in its traditional annual ritual.

Of rioting, beating up police, torching cars and shops and throwing molotov cocktails into hospitals.

Yet strangely despite all matters Brussels-related normally being fawningly right at the top of the MSM's agenda, as Stan points out Al-Beeb and every newspaper but the Scotsman have managed to miss this one. Whatever can be going on?

All the news except the bits they dont want you to know about.

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Monday, September 25, 2006

Why Is There Never One Of Those Surgical Strike Thingies Around When You Need One? (Warning: Extreme Rant)


Just think of how many of Britain's problems could have been solved in one stroke. Seeing as its only a 'tiny minority of extremists' anyway, we could have got rid of a huge percentage of the problem with one sweet little flight of jets. All those cunts in Hezbollah shirts declaring how they are 'Victorious', all the pieces of shit who think wearing Palestinian bandanas is cool and radically chic, in fact every single one of the scum who turned the perfectly reasonable sentiment of 'Fuck Off Mr Blair, Your Time Is Up' into an anti-semitic, pro-terrorism hatefest.

My favourite is the smug little shit standing in front of the Respect banner which is laughably subtitled 'Peace Justice Equality'. Holding a T-shirt with the Hezbollah symbol on it.

Come to Christchurch you bunch of utter, utter cunts. Come here and I'll fucking take you down altogether or one at a time. I don't give a fuck how many of you there are, I'll leave every single one of you bleeding if it takes me all day. Muslims, Respect, Greens, Communists, Southampton Socialists (your only up the road, maybe I'll come and pay you a visit you motherfuckers), StopTheWar (as long as it isnt the one against Jews, right?), Socialist Workers, I dont care. I'll put every single one of you on the floor and smear pigfat all over your faces with my Size Eights.

This is my fucking Jihad, and it tastes good.

(Rant Ends, normal slightly more restrained service will be resumed when I calm down a bit.)

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

How To Answer Your Own Question - The Kinky Tory Masochists Strike Again

I've said it before...and I'll say it again. 'Good Conservatives' (cue gag reflex) are kinky, perverse little masochists who like nothing better than to have a Mark Oaten moment every time their leadership opens their mouths.

Why a Mark Oaten moment? Because old Mark gets off on being crapped on only marginally more than 'Good Conservatives' do.

Take this chappie. After Call Me Dave made his latest anti-English-and-everything-remotely- Conservative-in-nature speech, our Gav got all upset, bless him.

"The thing is, I really don’t know why he did it. There’s absolutely no logical value in making a poisonous speech that make angry a proportion of 85% of the population in order to placate a proportion of 11% of the population."

Here's why Gav. In your own words, in the very next paragraph.

"I am Conservative, and despite the tone of the speech, I will remain Conservative and proud of it."

And also the priceless:

"I know that the membership won’t leave the party over this one issue; but Cameron must know what dangers he is running with his membership."

Translation: "Ooooh yes Mistress Dave, abuse me even more, that's it, call me misguided, tell me again how I have to abandon Conservatism to get a Conservative government, ooooh yeeeeeeeeeeeessssssss!!! Oh darling, you know I could never leave you no matter how bad you treat me..."

There is nothing the man can do to lose your vote Gav, and the smug wanker knows it too. That's why he can afford to publicly abandon every principle beloved of his 'core voters' like yourself and go scrabbling as far down in the dirt as Labour and the Libarab Democrats. Because your vote is totally, utterly sewn up. You can whinge, whine, protest, bluster all you like. But you'll still keep right on voting Tory, working for the Tories, delivering leaflets containing policies you disagree with featuring the utterances of a man you despise. Because you are addicted to the Conservative Party, body and soul. Accept no substitutes, for all your statements such as:

"The Conservative Party is almost alone in the United Kingdom as a reasonable right-wing party. But if that were to change then I am sure the majority of blogging right-wingers would jump at the chance to join that new party."

Yeah right. UKIP's been there for a while now and for all its failings fulfills that criteria perfectly. If all the Tories who voted for them in 2004 hadnt acted in 2005 like cattle returning to the nice warm barn despite the door being left wide open with a huge landscape full of juicy grass just in the next field, we might be looking at a very different political landscape now. That 'rightwing alternative' would be a viable and powerful political force instead of a 'fringe party'.

But you did go back into the nice warm barn Gav. And there you will stay, making statements to those who urge you to leave it like "Well yes I understand that the abattoir is always a possibility, but if we leave the barn then outside it might be even worse."

If I'd had a pound for every Gav I met during the last Election Campaign I could have probably bought the entire 150 or so UKIP members in Christchurch a meal and got the beers in too. And frankly those 'Good Conservatives' who have sat back and watched this country and most of all their Party go to rack and ruin are enough to drive anyone to drink.

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Islam: The Screaming Toddler In The Supermarket

The Dick List nails it again.


Friday, September 22, 2006

Happy Rosh Hashanah... all evil Zionist Conspirators everywhere. May a New Year bring new hope and new strength.



The Rally The MSM Forgot - And A Question For That Nice Mr Olmert

Just as not a single British media outlet covered the pro-Israeli rally in Kenton, NW London a few weeks ago, so it goes with what should theoretically be big news in New York, outside the UN to be precise. Now seeing as we have pictures of every moonbat, anti-western, anti-Jewish and pro-Jihadi rally that involves more than two old burqa-clad ladies and their dog Wufi splashed all over the pages of the MSM, you'd think that 30,000 plus people demonstrating against Ahmadinejihad's presence at the UN to spread his evil poison would be equally big news.


The mighty Atlas has pictures and video.

Elsewhere, Little Green Footballs also brings us a touching little tableau of a Spanish 'peacekeeper' demonstrating his allegiance to the cause of happily shaking the hand of a Hezbollah supporter on his way to the enormous victory rally about to take place in Beirut.

The VICTORY rally? Got that Olmert, you blithering idiot? Because thanks to your cowardice, because of your desperate clinging to the futile belief that the UN is on anyone's side but the Jihadists, because of your pathetic media whoring, you now have more foreign troops on Lebanese soil.

Troops that will act as even more effective human shields for Hezbollah than the Lebanese Shia. Troops that will willingly stand by just as UNIFIL did and watch the weapons and rockets flow into Southern Lebanon, and will not simply wring their hands about it but in some cases actually applaud. Troops, however, that will be in place at strategic points to prevent large-scale Israeli ground incursions into Lebanon when they are needed in the future. And you know they will be, because your commanders and Mossad will have told you that the weapons and rockets are flowing once again into Lebanon, that Hezbollah is gearing up for another round.

And what are you doing? Are you striking those convoys as they enter Lebanon? Are you insisting that the UN make an attempt to enforce Resolution 1559 and at least make some show of neutrality? Are you screaming the duplicity of the UN (which funnily enough the entire pro-Israeli Blogosphere could see coming from the somewhat limited vantage point of our monitors, but you apparently couldnt) from the rooftops as we are?

No. He isnt. This is the man who has told us that Israel is 'tired of fighting, tired of winning'. That the Holocaust-denying Mahmoud Abbas, PA leader, a specimen whose doctoral thesis was based on Holocaust denial and the idea that 'the Zionists' actually cooperated in the Holocaust (that didnt happen, but such is the schizoid nature of Arab intellectualism) in order to displace the Palestinians is a 'courageous partner'. He says that Jacques Chirac is 'one of the greatest fighters against anti-Semitism in the world' (!)

So are you doing for your people right now, Mr Olmert? What are you doing to make sure rockets never rain down on Haifa again? To secure the release of your captured soldiers, which you promised you would do before any ceasefire with Hezbollah or withdrawal from Lebanon took place? What are you there for, if you cant do these things?

I'd really like to know.

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Monday, September 18, 2006

Consider Me A Floating Voter

I want to try an experiment. Consider me one of the 'non-Core' floating voters - right now my vote is indeed genuinely up for grabs. I am a former UKIP Branch Chairman and activist, voted Tory once when there was no UKIP (and before Maastricht). Persuade me which (UK) Party I should vote for (or not), and why I should do so.

I await comments with curiosity. I'm sure someone will have an opinion worth reading, and if your from somewhere else but you know a bit about our situation, well dont be afraid to throw your two penneth in either.


Dear Nazi Muppets...

...I'm not interested in what you have to say, feel free to keep wasting your time posting but be aware nobody but you will ever see any of the comments except yourself once you've cleaned the sperm off your monitor after getting off a particularly good one about how Jews are even ugly to look at 'as well'.

Love and kisses from DSD


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Peace Activists In Their Natural Habitat

I have always maintained that scum like Christian 'Peace'Makers and the International Solidarity Movement are not peace protesters and are in fact simply supporters of those who war against our society. Normally I'd expect to have to make a fairly detailed argument such as this one to defend that position, but sometimes life just throws you a gift you can't pass up...I have to be honest and admit that I often dont read the Frontpage articles which pass in front of me despite being on their daily mailing list, because they are often far too lengthy and convoluted for a simple soul like me. This one however I thoroughly recommend.

So without further ado...I give you the peace-loving activists of the International Solidarity Movement, who are absolutely to be trusted when they are telling us how it is the Israelis who are the violent ones. Honest.


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We're Not Good Enough To Deserve The Left


So says our '9/11 protester', informing us that:

"I’m absolutely sure that there were good people that died in the towers, and not all evil hateful monsters like those there yesterday pretending to mourn. I dedicate my protest to any good person that died in the buildings, but it’s sad to say, those people I encountered yesterday in mass, are not worth protesting for. Next time they’re government kills them, I might just stay home and be quiet."

That'd be nice. And when you're next lecturing us about our racism in targeting people of Middle Eastern appearance with bushy beards and big coats you could slip a suicide bomb under, just remember these immortal words:

"Some Jew looking dude in a suit came up to me and asked “where are you from?” I said “PA”, and he said “you should go back to PA, asshole” and walked away. It took me by suprise, and I started laughing, I thought about saying “you should go back to Israel.”

'Some Jew-lookin dude' ?!?!?

Little Green Footballs has reprinted the whole thing, complete with casual anti-semitism, bad grammar and cognitive dissonance. Read it all, then decide whether laughing or crying is a better option.


Sorry, Didnt You All Get The 'Jews Control The Media' Memo?

I'm confused. The Arabs, the neo-Nazis and the Jew-hating Left usually tell us how Israel controls the worldwide media, so how come these rich Arabs think they can buy themselves biased coverage just by, you know, buying themselves biased coverage? Dammit people, didnt you get the memo?

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Britain's Muslims Are All Potential Terrorists, by the Muslim Council of Britain

From the horse's goddamned mouth. Funny how when we say it we are Islamophobes and racists, but when the grandly named Secretary-General of the Muslim Council of Britain actually makes a specific and explicit threat that it is going to happen if we dont do what we're told, then does this mean those of us who have said before are no longer Islamophobes but actually spreading the word of the MCB on Allah's behalf?

Can we call Dr Bari (successor to Iqbal 'hang the homos' Sacranie) an Islamophobe now for these wonderfully illuminating words?

"But some police officers and sections of the media are demonising Muslims, treating them as if they're all terrorists — and that encourages other people to do the same. If that demonisation continues, then Britain will have to deal with two million Muslim terrorists — 700,000 of them in London," he said. "If you attack a whole community, it becomes despondent and aggressive."

Dyu know old bean, you're right. When you attack a whole community indiscriminately, it does usually react rather badly. But unlike the Muslim 'community', the community that is the rest of Britain (black, white, brown, yellow, atheist, Christian, Sikh, Jewish, Hindu) hasnt responded to being attacked physically on 7/7 by becoming aggressive. No British mosques are being torched or bombed, no lynch mobs are surging through the streets with nooses at the ready to hang the first burqa-clad female they see. It simply isnt happening.

In fact instead of whining endlessly about racism, demonisation and Islamophobic persecution, the Muslim community of Britain ought to be down on its collective knees thanking Allah that this country is the way it is. That despite the provocation of murder and mayhem, of crowds calling for the beheading of those opposed to their religion, of people like Doctor Bari threatening terrorism if his host nation doesnt toe the line of Dhimmitude he wants it to, the community that is Britain is failing to follow the same route he says his 'community' is going to if his 'community' doesnt do what we want it to.

Which is to stop whining, stop threatening, stop obstructing the police, stop attempting to force us to follow somebody else's religious laws and instead start supporting us to root out those in his community's midst who think that terrorism is the way to get what you want.

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Monday, September 11, 2006

Random Thoughts on Path to 9/11 Part 1

Firstly, in purely cinematic Fantastically gritty docudrama style photography, edgy close up shots of the key players such as Harvey Keitel, last seen by this Zionist Conspirator in the excellent National Treasure delivering wonderful lines such as 'This is not a day for Um'. The characterisations were all quite believable as well, the portrait of the hideous Madeline Albright was so accurate physically and vocally that it made this Blogger want to gouge his eyes out at the sheer horror of the Wrinkled Queen Of Appeasement.

The history behind the drama went right the way back to the first World Trade Centre bombing back in 1993, and from the word go gave us convincing characterisations of the FBI and CIA teams involved with the ongoing investigations, if not always of those they were tracking. I wasnt overly impressed with the idea of Ramzi and Khalid sitting in a decadent western nightclub drinking and dirty dancing with black women in unlikely makeup - artistic licence taken a bit too far there methinks. The portrait of Zawahiri was eerily believable however.

Interestingly, the soon to be Mrs Zionist Conspirator sat through it quite happily, asking questions aplenty, particularly about Afghanistan. Now regular visitors to this Blog know exactly how I feel about Afghanistan and the way we have treated the Northern Alliance who actually did 90% of the dying and groundfighting in Afghanistan - much the same way I feel about Iraq, and the equally despicable way we treated the Kurds who shed a large amount of their own blood and have been pushed aside. The portrait of the Northern Alliance warlord Masoud was quite excellent, I must find the name of the chap who played him.

'Are there any men left in Washington?' asks Masoud when the order not to go after Bin Laden because of worries over 'civilian casualties' (hey how does 2996 civilian casualties grab you) is given. 'Or only cowards?'

Cowards, old bean. This was the Clinton Administration.

'I bet he did sleep with her though, right?' asked the Zionist Conspirator Fiance when Clinton's infamous 'I never had sexual relations with that woman' denial was briefly screened. Well, she was only a teenager at the time so why should she know about US presidential history? A two-minute potted 'events that prove Bill Clinton was a philandering lying scumbag traitor to the American people' lesson ensued, though as I pointed out if you want a fairly clear pre-Whitehouse biopic that does everything but call its central characters Bill and Hillary, you could just go watch the excellent 'Primary Colors'.

As we watched events such as the folied Millenium bomb plot unfold, we mused on the basic problem with the combatting of terrorism. Namely that people really dont take notice when a bomb plot is foiled. It hasnt hurt anyone (well unless your an Islamic child pornographer from Forest Gate anyway), and life just goes on as it did before. Ironically, the better the security services do their jobs, the less help and support they get from a fickle, media-brainwashed public that would rather believe the Guardian when it says that its all made up and the latest terror raids are meant to take pressure off Tony Blair in some fashion.

She did laugh when I told her that the latest bunch of bearded Islamofascists to be caught with their pants and bombmaking equipment down have had their martyrdom videos unearthed in Wycombe Forest - how embarassing for them in Court...the phrase 'bang to rights' rather covers it methinks.

I await Part 2 tonight though I will have to wait until Tuesday to watch it as Conception has its first full pre-Committee meeting tonight in Ferndown - I will ask for a minute's silence, I hope someone else will do the same.

Because no matter how many plots we foil, we should never forget the ones we didnt.

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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Prison Works

Now this is the kind of initiative I can get behind. Prison Works is a brand new cooperative site intending to draw together all the masses of statistics on crime from around the UK, US and Europe and to prove that, indeed, 'Prison Works'. Loads of excellent articles with the raw data as opposed to massaged nonsense put out by the likes of the Howard League For Never Jailing Anyone Ever.

'Our position is that prisons work - if we make them.'

Couldnt agree more.

(hat tip to David Vance at Tangled Web)

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Friday, September 08, 2006

Do You Know, I Don't Think Even The Devil Likes That Nice Mr Blair Very Much


I always thought Blair was the Devil myself - he has all the essential ingredients but the horns, and we only know that they aren't on his head...but the Devil in question here also notes that the dictator-in-chief hasnt actually said he is going to go as PM - just Party Leader - can it be that the arch-manipulator of the English language has managed to pull the wool over his own Party's eyes just as he has done to the country so many times? Read the words he used, supplied by Guido at the above link:

"The next party conference in a couple of weeks will be my last party conference as party leader, the next TUC conference next week will be my last TUC - probably to the relief of both of us."

There is, indeed, absolutely no commitment there to step down as PM. None at all. And before you say anything along the lines of 'how could he expect to perpetrate such a monstrous fraud' etc etc just remember who the hell it is your talking about! The man's premiership has been one endless succession of 'we would do it but we just CANT' moments which by now virtually nobody is believing except the same kind of people who think Mossad demolished the Twin Towers. This country is fucked, people, and this evil bastard was the one at the top overseeing it all.

Step down? He will have to be carried out of the door kicking, screaming, holding desperately onto the lintel while a burqa-clad Cherie flails ineffectually away at the Police dragging him out with her handbag full of the latest wad of cash wrung from suing under the Human Rights legislation her dear hubby pushed through Parliament.

Heh, actually do you know what, that's quite an entertaining image...anybody got any better scenarios for the final moment of departure? Answers in the comments please...

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Quoty Quoty Quoty

Ladies and gents, I give you some more choice little moments from around the Blogosphere to be going on with...the first from Rottypup's new poster child, the charmingly namd Ranting Guttersnipe on the subject of Blair's supposedly imminent departure from office.

Mr Guttersnipe has fisked the Mirror's fawning article on this very subject in admirably blunt fashion:

Says The Mirror:

Mr Blair's final weeks in office will be particularly carefully choreographed to ensure cheers rather than jeers. Under the heading "Last month" the memo suggests: "Needs a daily grid, planned to the last detail. As much as possible a farewell tour, looking to the future, making sure the party is in the right place and the public remember him as he should be."

Says Mr Guttersnipe:

Rather than remember him as he was .... a limelight hugging statist control freak fucking camera whore with delusions of putting the rest of world to rights while shafting Britain up the ass with a pineapple?

Can't really argue with that one myself frankly. And on the subject of Rotty, well we all know that he and I are from very different schools of thought on the subject of Blair - I'm with Mr Guttersnipe, he is of a rather different opinion on the man himself, but it appears we are in complete agreement as to the vile nature of his Political Party:

"See, while Conservatives (right-thinking ones, anyway) are willing to give Blair huge credit for standing firm against Islamofascism, leftists everywhere loathe him for just this very reason. George Bush, closer ties with the U.S., the war in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq — Sooner or later, Labour back-benchers had to snap.

As it turns out, the final straw was Blair’s refusal to join them in condemning Israel for acting in her own defence. Given the almost-pathological levels of anti-Semitism present in the British left, perhaps this isn’t so surprising. But. Still. If Blair does fall over this issue, you couldn’t wish for a better example of all that’s wrong with leftism:

Wreck the country you’re supposed to be governing and they’ll smile approvingly — Try to prevent a second Holocaust and they’ll fire you."

Now THAT last line is right on the money.

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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Lessons The Media Is Determined Not To Learn

The latest for those who missed it: the new media 'screwup' concerns manifold lurid reports of Israel supposedly targeting Red Cross Ambulances in Lebanon. With Zionist missiles that dont explode and small-arms fire from drones, so sophisticated that they can hit the same helmet on three different people at the same time, throw someone '25 feet in a huge fireball' and leave him completely uninjured to pose for the cameras a couple of days later, shear someone's right leg off without any blood, have it grow back and even replace the left one, remove ventilation domes from the top of ambulances, and even cave in windscreens inwards from the inside.

Those wacky old Jewish war criminals eh? Whatever will they come up with next?

Here's the long, extended-edition debunking from Zombietime. But for a fairly decent summary with a soundtrack to nod your head along to, My Pet Jawa does it again.

No more posts today. Coursework beckons.

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Some Quotes That Say It All

Blogging is light this week due to other commitments, but the following were so perfectly worded that I just had to repeat them:

From the daily EU Observer Email bulletin of 4th September, headlined 'Brussels to keep national parliaments on short leash', this unintentionally honest subtitle:

"The European Commission will from next week onwards start to send its proposals for EU laws directly to national parliaments for comment - but it has made clear that it will not review any of its plans if national deputies dislike them."


And via Laban Tall, this gem of true vision of the morally bankrupt insanity that is modern British policing from the homepage of True Vision, yet more taxpayers money well spent on enforcing 'diversity' in our supposedly free society.

"The Police define a homophobic incident as "Any incident which is perceived to be homophobic by the victim or any other person." So there is no excuse for not making an accusation against a homophobe. You don't need any evidence. Evidence is not the test. Perception is all that is required."

'You don't need any evidence'. Never was a truer word spoken. And my 'perception' is that this country is being buttfucked by our PC PCs and the likes of True Vision even more deeply than their male members are buttfucking each other.

Was that too strong? Nah...actually I think its a pretty apt metaphor. After all, no evidence is required that the state of affairs is as I say it is.

Just my perception.

UPDATE: red is my face? That'll teach me not to read to the bottom of the page...see comments. On the other hand I dont feel too bad for being fooled by the first few paragraphs - because the quote I used IS precisely the criteria the PC PCs use.

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Monday, September 04, 2006

Life Imitating Art...

Off politics for once, the news that Steve Irwin has died in a rather predictable manner has percolated through to sunny Christchurch. The reason this caught my eye is an odd one - I once have very amusing memories of playing a very similar character in a LARP a few years ago.

The game was played with characters in the 'Wraith' setting, where the main thing the layman needs to know is that the participants are already dead, and are now ghosts of a sort. So what did myself and my three friends choose to have been in our past lives on this occasion?

Well, we chose to be Aussie 'danger naturalists' called Bruce, Bruce, Bruce and Sheila who had all died in spectacularly silly ways, such as my character for example who had if memory serves been performing live on camera dental surgery on the back teeth of a very large hippopotamus who took exception to his work and bit down. Hard.

All four of us dressed in a mix of rattling chains and survival gear and proceeded to act in spectacularly silly and suicidally bold fashion against the Spectres which were trying to break into our ghostly train and do horrible things to our departed was a very funny character concept which at the time was art imitating life, until today at least when the man we were emulating turned the tables on us and went out in exactly the way I'm sure he would have wanted.


Friday, September 01, 2006

The Collateral Damage Of The Christ

(Not as punchy a title as, say Mel 'Its the Jooz Fault Officer' Gibson might have come up with, but what the hell...)

On BCBBC News...

"Church Leaders, the United Nations and senior Labour MPs tonight have expressed their opposition to continued Christian aggression against idolaters, panderers and usurers in what will become Occupied Palestine. Far-Right Fundamentalist Christian extremist Jesus Christ attacked a temple with indiscriminate use of whips and possibly even chemical weapons, causing enormous collateral damage to the peaceful inhabitants."

You think I'm being totaly surreal? No, I'm not a proper surrealist (well, except when I'm playing with my nine-year old and her Barbarian Baby Bears but that's another story), just a sarcastic rightwinger who likes ripping it out of the Left, particularly its ecclesiastical arm known as the CofE. This guy however, a Canon of the Church of England, is actually being SERIOUS.

"We cannot simply ignore the violent passion of Jesus cleansing the temple with whips. We are never told of the collateral damage possibly resulting from his action ..."

(via Laban Tall)


A Perfect Example...

...of a Leftist Jew-hater. Go and read the thoughts of 'Cunningham' on that good old canard, the influence of Jewish (*cough, cough*, sorry, 'Israeli') 'interests' on American foreign policy. There are such gems as the one below on Ahmadinejihad, and doubtless will be more once he reads my, erm, blunt reply:

"Ahmadinejad is mad, bad and dangerous. But he was elected in a more or less democratic process, and there is no easy way to get rid of him."

You have to ask yourself what colour the sky is in this idiot's world. Purple perhaps. But the real thrust of his comment becomes very clear right at the end:

"The US, and the world, is therefore now dependent on the good-old UN. This loss of clout is all a result of the mismanagement by the present US administration, and specifically of its eagerness to tie its middle-east policy to Israel’s self-interest."

Yep, its ZOG and the Vast Zionist Conspiracy all over again. Our Middle-East expert Cunningham informs us that the US didnt invade Afghanistan because it was pursuing the people who killed thousands of its citizens on 9/11, presumably that was just a smokescreen - actually the Jews told them to do it! And Iraq? Yep, 'Israeli self-interest' again apparently.

I'd love to know what exactly it is Cunningham and his fellow Jew-haters believe Israel actually GETS out of all this supposed influence on US Foreign Policy. What possible interest of Israel's has been served by either the invasion of Iraq or that of Afghanistan? By Condi 's cosying up to every Muslim she can lay her hands on, bless her Dhimmi heart? By the US agreeing to try and force Israel to accept a ceasfire which it is obvious is worth absolutely nothing to her?

But there is no interest being served of course. The Leftist horror at the thought of any Government standing up to the savagery of Islamic terrorism is only explicable to them provided that somewhere behind it all must be a Jew pulling the strings - after all, the Left has no problem with the Jews being 'wiped off the map' if it appeases Islam, so naturally if anyone else does it must all be a 'conspiracy', mustnt it?

The thought that anyone might stand up for Israel because they think its the right thing to do just never enters their morally bankrupt little minds.

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