Saturday, September 12, 2009

Walking Like A Duck

Riddle me this. If the BNP (or, to internationalise things, the Republican Party) employed a senior official with an enormous fetish for Nazi memorabilia, who posted on multiple 'memorabilia' websites, authored his own highly expensive tract on the subject, posed for pictures wearing a T-Shirt with an Iron Cross and a WW2 Nazi slogan on it, drove a vehicle with the licence plate 'Flak88' and posted under the same name on numerous 'memorabilia' forums, would the MSM be somewhat...silent on the subject, especially if that senior official had authored a rather large number of extremely anti-Israel 'reports' for his organisation of choice?

I'm thinking maybe a big fat No. In fact, I'm thinking the headlines would be screaming 'BNP/Republican Nazi Fetishist Has Heil Hitler Licence Plate'. But, when the anti-Israelism is coming from an Official Leftie writing for an Official Leftie NGO which has since accused anyone pointing out the facts of merely attempting to maliciously cover up for the crimes of the dastardly Jews, those crickets are chirping like there's no tomorrow.

If it walks like a Duck, or goosesteps like a Nazi for that matter...

Marc Garlasco, absolutely not a Jew-hating Nazi scumbag, honest.

(Tip of the hat to the last bastion of the decent Left, Harry's Place)

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