Saturday, May 06, 2006

Local Elections Part 2 - Fraud and Deception in Birmingham

Yup, its official. Council officials in certain areas were so determined to stop the BNP winning wards that they were prepared to not only to throw their toys out of the pram in quite spectacularly silly fashion by simply saying the day after that 'Labour won instead, so there', but even to break the law outright by conducting late-night 'recounts' behind closed doors with no independent witnesses present, including even the Police whom they themselves called in two days before amidst vote-rigging allegations.

The BNP Candidate in question sets out the events here, and the BNP has their 'official' more detailed version of events here and here. I would link to a more 'neutral' news service, unfortunately the MSM has quite deliberately buried the story - and I really mean buried it. Googling 'Kingstanding Birmingham Results' or the like produces absolutely nothing.

Birmingham Council meanwhile is still pursuing the hilarious fiction they chose before - that their own, unwitnessed behind-closed-doors third recount revealed that 'some of the votes had been counted twice'. Even though nobody noticed that during the first three counts - isnt this a pretty fundamental thing to slip past the notice of an entire battery of Council staff and the Returning Officer - three times?!?!?

But OK, let's be polite and assume there is truth to this idea of double counting. Interesting then that it just so happens that of the 3000 'extra votes' counted, a full 1000 of them have supposedly been double counted for the single BNP Candidate, but only 500 for both the Labour candidates put together! How convenient that this 'administrative error' should affect the result just perfectly to let the extra Labour candidate be elected and deny the BNP their victory.

Actually, you know what, sod being polite. This is yet another pathetic attempt to keep the Liberal consensus in place - perverting our democracy so the 'right' candidates can be elected. The people involved in this 'recount' should be dealt with to the full extent of the law just as our laughably named 'Elections Minister' says they should be.

This kind of despicable behaviour strikes right through to the heart of our nation, our culture. We are still a democratic nation, a nation of free men and women who have the right to elect or dismiss our elected officials. This isnt just Mohammed Miscellaniq having a few dozen extra postal votes delivered to a flat in Bradford - this is a Council's actual officials involved in an active, deceitful and underhand perversion of the democratic process.

Secret recounts in the small hours after the doors have been locked? This is still what remains of Britain, not the proverbial Banana Republic.

These people should never be allowed anywhere near an Elections office again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ive done the count a few years running. In our area they are counted by ward so you dont get too many votes to count at a time. Different groups count different wards. So, if they use the same system in the Birmingham election, the double counting would have to be done by different groups of counters at the same time. Also we check the number of votes per ballot box is the same as the number of votes issued, that has to be standard practice. The idea that a few thousand extra votes wouldnt be noticed first time sounds highly unlikely.

What these dumb shits dont seem to get is each time they do this stuff they guarntee a few more votes for the BNP, like not letting Nick Griffin into a count on election night.

I didnt think I could vote BNP (and I havnt) but the chance to rub the smug faces of the elite in it grows more inviting by the day.

8:24 AM  
Blogger PoliticalHack said...

In Birmingham, each ward was counted by a discrete group and the process is much the same.

The simple facts are that more votes were counted than ballot papers were issued, so the final result as declared cannot possibly be right. There is no suggestion of fraud, just that there was double counting of votes. By the way, the number of ballot papers issued for each box is known and the counting of the box is a check to ensure that they are all present and correct. If those two figures add up, THEN they count the votes for each candidate. This was unusual in that there were two council vacancies, not just one, so that's probably what confused the issue.

5:44 PM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Political Hack,

I'd be willing to buy it if not for the idea that there were supposedly twice as many votes counted for the BNP candidate as the two Labour ones put together, and incidentally I'm informed that the 'blank' candidate who also had more votes 'discounted' than the two Labour people was in fact a National front dinosaur.

It just doesnt add up, anyway you slice it. Anyone stay behind after the other declarations and everyone had gone home and try to 'discover' if any other wards had been double-counted? Of course they didnt, it just so happened that THIS result wasnt wanted.

10:39 PM  

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