Friday, November 04, 2005

Well Done Everyone - The Paedophiles Can Just Keep On Going

Well, they did it. All the pathetic umbrella 'anti-racist', 'anti-fascist', anti-BNP organisations have got what they wanted. Charles Clarke has signed a banning order preventing the BNP and Keighley Mums Against Paedophiles from demonstrating against the closure of even the most token attempt to 'investigate' the organised grooming and sexual exploitation of underage girls in Yorkshire's town of Keighley, the 'Why This Isnt A Racial Problem' Unit as it came to be known during its all too brief existence.

The orgy of 'anti-fascist' smug self-satisfaction, happy cooperation with the crushing of free speech from supposedly pro-free speech organisations (who naturally are only outraged when people with THEIR message are prevented from speaking their minds) is sickening in both its uniformity, hypocrisy and most of all the total absence of acknowledging what the BNP are actually protesting about.

So the Police have declared a their intention to block all roads into and set up a 5-Mile 'exclusion zone' around Keighley on November 5th, though how they are going to distinguish between white parents and kiddies on their way to firework displays and evil paedophile-hating Nazis I have no idea - presumably the lack of SS uniforms on any potential demonstrators may hamper them somewhat. Or hey, maybe they'll just stop every single white person in a car from going into West Yorkshire on the day.

What West Yorkshire Police and their Commissar Colin Cramphorn WON'T be doing, and this is for damn sure, is paying any attention to what is going on in the town of Keighley itself on November 5th, or any other night for that matter. They will be far too busy stopping white people trying to enter the area in case they cause 'tension' than watching the Moslem men pulling up in their cars to pick up white girls half their age who will be plied with alcohol and drugs, then sexually abused. They won't be busy dealing with the desperate mothers who are at their wits end to know how to stop these evil predators abusing their children.

No no no, they have much much more important things to be doing, just like Unite Against Fascism, Indymedia, and all the other Leftist slime do. Paedophilia is far less important a crime in this sick country than 'racism', and this sad sad day proves it. In fact, lets face it, there is only one way the desperate mothers of Keighley's children will get sympathy and attention for their plight, and we all know what it is, dont we?

Black up, and start a riot.


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