Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Total Absence of Merit

I came to a conclusion today. The Conservative Party will lose the next Election. Yes, they'll blame it on the UKIP vote, the MSM's bias (OK, I'll give them that one), and everything else that always seems to mysteriously go wrong for them since Maggie dearest was cast into the outer darkness. But what it comes down to is this. Every Tory MP in the Commons is crap. Really, seriously crap. Monumentally, totally, crap. Not one of them has either the true support of their Membership, not one could even come close to satisfying the demands and wishes of that Membership, let alone what remains of our country.

Not one of them has shown the slightest indication that they will challenge the creeping Dhimmitude that is destroying Britain. Neither David 'We must never leave the EU whether 90% of our members want to or not' Davis nor that other fellow, you know, the one the media likes but no one's ever heard of, has even bothered to so much as comment on any of the actual ISSUES facing Britain today. If either had dared raise their voice about Ahmedinejihad's declaration of war on Israel, the Black on Asian riots in Birmingham, or even the great Dudley Pig Outrage for god's sake, then they would very probably have earned the ire of the MSM and therefore the support of their Membership and probably the country as well. Just to say something, anything, to indicate that they will do something different from Tony and the Labour Party.

But there is no difference between Tory and Labour of course. Not one. The rhetoric may differ, but it is always rhetoric within very very tight parameters - for example cutting red tape, well who would want more red tape? But whilst Labour pretend to have their own bonfire of the regulations and the Tories say they would go further, neither would leave the EU which can impose those regulations at will. No difference.

Militant Islam? Well the Tories first reaction to July 7th was to parade their Moslem spokeswoman on Moslem Affairs to say how the government should reach out and establish dialogue with the Moslem terrorists. So nothing at all like the immediate rush by Labour to embrace laws to try and stop all criticism of Islam then...

The Tory Parliamentary Party is bereft of leadership, bereft of morals, and above all bereft of one thing. The slightest, tiniest bit of actual merit.


Blogger Snafu said...

And that's before you consider a potential rebellion by Europhile Conservative MEPs!

2:42 PM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Cheers for the link. I actually corresponded at length with both Daniel Hannan and Roger Helmer when Helmer was kicked out of the Tory MEP group. Even after the way Helmer was treated, his loyalty was 'still 100% to the Conservative Party' etc etc. Unbelievable.

The small crop of remaining 'Eurosceptics'in the Parliamentary Party will follow anyone who makes even vaguely the right noises, whereas the Europhiles control the Tory hierarchy so thoroughly that they dont even feel the need to hold their peace during a leadership election.

Davis will win. By a fair margin, say 58-42. I have a good history at getting tory leadership elections right - I won a sweepstake beating 50 people to call Major's election within 10 votes for each candidate, was a nice little earner that one! So thats my prediction. Let's see what happens. I might even put something on Davis...

5:16 PM  

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