Monday, July 31, 2006

There Is NOTHING That A Muslim Or A Journalist Won't Do...

...if it helps kick the Jews.

Words absolutely fail me. Though I take back everything bad I ever said about EU Referendum, because I really appreciate the nose-holding research that has gone into this expose of Islamic and media complicity in manafacturing anti-Jewish hatred.

This is so far beyond sick that it is almost out the other side, into some surreal place where even the dead are now just pieces of meat to be used in the endless anti-Jewish propaganda war. For 'rescue workers' and the Red Cross to parade bodies through the streets of Qana, place them onto ambulances and then take them off again back to the rubble from which they were exhumed every time a new News Agency appears in a ghoulish, horrifying dance of victimhood is so far beyond the pale that I cannot find any words for how I feel towards these people but utter, utter hatred.

Israel warned the people of Qana that this might happen, dropping leaflets practically begging them to evacuate in the face of rockets being launched against Jewish cities from their streets, their homes. But instead, the people of Qana stayed, cheering on the 'freedom fighters' of Hezbollah, and now Qana's children have paid the price for their parents stupidity, their hatred, their sheer arrogance in thinking that they could use their children as an inviolable human shield in perpetuity.

And the media and those same Hezbollah 'fighters' are right there to ensure that even in death those tiny bodies are consumed as fuel in Islam's endless war against the world.

MAJOR UPDATE: It looks like once again the world may well have been sold an Islamic to eight hours between the airstrike and the building collapse is somewhat on the suspect side, wouldnt you say?


Anonymous riddler said...

Out of interest, what do have against EURef? I would have thought they were generally in line with your thinking.
I agree there are a lot of uexplained anomolies in the Hezbollah line, both in the timings and those pictures. There is no doubt that the Hezbos tightly limit journalistic access to locations within their control.
Everything is too posed to be realistic. I've seen it suggested (can't recall where) that these poor kids' bodies were brought in during the "missing" 8 hours. It begs the question, were there in fact any casualties at Qana? - (not saying there haven't been elsewhere), and that this is a cynical PR stunt by Hezbollah - with or without the complicity of the press.

6:38 PM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

I am normally against EU Referendum because a) they have always gone after UKIP for no better reason than Dr North's bitter history and b) because they generally subscribe to the orthodox media idea that Islamic Terrorism can be appeased by a lack of opposition to Islamic Terrorism.

I wouldnt have thought that the bodies were brought in from elsewhere, but what certainly has happened is that they have been dug out, put back, dug out again, carried around the streets in sequence for each news crew.

What is very suspect is that the building collapsed around 8am and the airstrike went in 8 hours earlier! So all the headlines about 'people killed in an Israeli airstrike' are bullshit. It has been suggested that there was some kind of secondary explosion of stored Hezbollah munitions, which I suppose is possible. Something is certainly very very wrong with this story and I dont think we've heard the last of it.

7:53 PM  
Anonymous Wyvern said...

Several hours between damage and collapse of a building doesn't sound unreasonable to me. Though a secondary explosion wouldn't help matters.

Structures are complex and usually over-engineered to allow resilience and redundancy. Ordnance may not always go off when you want it to either.

The question is, if you had been hit once why the hell would you stay in that place? Bombs aren't bloody lightning are they!

2:55 PM  
Blogger Poseidon said...

How to trick puppet states into attacking your enemies for you, and possibly start WWIII:

(i) Shell a picnicking Palestinian family on a Gaza beach. When challenged, dispute the exact time of the shelling and claim a Palestinian mine must have coincidentally just happened to have exploded a few minutes after your gunboat shelled the area, irrespective of the fact that the physical evidence such as injuries to the head and chest would indicate a shell dropping from the sky rather than a mine exploding under the sand. If the "wrong timing" excuse is debunked, say that your shells landed elsewhere, studiously ignoring the absence of any supporting evidence for the "wrong place" claim.

(ii) With the Palestinians suitably riled, place the bait. Small, isolated groups of your soldiers should be stationed at the border. This might consist of a single tank, a decoy armored personnel carrier (APC), and a guard tower. All must be orientated such that they are facing away from the mouth of a tunnel known to be used by Palestinians. Do not provide any additional cover. There should be no more than four soldiers manning the guard tower and four in the tank.

(iii) If Palestinian "terrorists" attack and manage to take one or two soldiers alive, then you have just won the jackpot. However, the probability of this is quite remote. It requires that about eight enemy fighters crawl undetected through a sand tunnel of horizontal section approximately 650 meters by 0.4 to 0.6 meters by 0.4 to 0.7 meters whilst carrying a couple of handheld anti-tank grenade launchers (RPGs), a few hand grenades and two or three rifles. After splitting up, one group of three hits the decoy APC, and two "guerrillas" take on the tower's four soldiers. Another three fighters blast through the rear of the tank and throw in grenades, killing two occupants outright and severely injuring another. Inexplicably, a fourth soldier, in the same tank that was hit by an RPG and had grenades hurled into it, incurs such minor wounds as to be able to run 300 meters to the security fence and then a further 350 to 500 meters across no-man's-land after the Arabs blast a hole through the barrier, before snipers in the guard tower can pick off the fleeing Arabs. At seven-minute mile pace on sand, for example, plus time to blast through the perimeter, your forces would have to "stand down" for four minutes or more. Hence, you will almost certainly need to improvise. For example, shoot some Palestinian prisoners and claim them as "terrorist attackers" who were shot in the raid. Send two or three of your soldiers across the border, or better still, shoot them yourself. Offer the enemy a chance for glory by broadcasting the "tunnelling cross-border raid" spin; by the time they discover they have been tricked it will be too late to change their story.

(iv) Order your Air Force to bomb Gaza, targeting civilians and infrastructure. Kill dozens of civilians, including children, and ensure you use illegal weapons. Send in armored vehicles and ground troops and illegally arrest dozens of democratically elected government ministers, as planned weeks in advance of any alleged provocation. The pretext is one of attempting to free a captured soldier or soldiers, even though your government is currently holding over 9,000 Palestinians, 900 of them jailed without trial.

(v) As a distraction, stage an "11 series" phony terror attack, e.g. 7 bombs detonated within 11 minutes of each other on 7/11. The target will ideally have a regular Jewish contingent and a large number of Israeli tourists, and will be selected on the basis of which country has done the most to annoy Israel over the previous few weeks.

(vi) With world opinion conditioned into perceiving Israeli bombings as a regular feature of the Middle East, ramp up the action by staging a similar pretext for military action against Lebanon. Send small units of your soldiers across the border into Lebanon until one or two are captured or arrested by Lebanese police or militia. Instruct the Zionist press to spin the event so that it appears that "Arabs started it" by conducting a "cross-border raid".

(vii) Order your Air Force to bomb Lebanon, on a pretext of attempting to free a captured soldier or soldiers, even though the operation will lead to the deaths of dozens of Israeli soldiers and civilians within a fortnight. Kill hundreds of Lebanese civilians. Ensure you use illegal weapons such as cluster bombs, phosphorus incendiaries and thermobaric or vacuum bombs. Warn civilians to evacuate an area after bombing bridges to make this impossible, then target them like sitting ducks. Reduce theĀ  country's infrastructure to rubble. In order to further terrorize civilians and volunteers, fire at the very center of the crosses on Red Cross ambulances. If the UN does not grovel wholly in support of your massacre of civilians, show them who's boss by bombing and killing UN observers after providing a personal assurance that UN positions will not be targeted; you can then profess "deep regret" even though ten telephone calls were made over a period of six hours warning Israel not to bomb the UN.

(viii) Have "al Qaeda" announce that they will come to the support of their brothers in Palestine and Lebanon.

(ix) [Optional] Stage another phony terror strike a la Mumbai, as a distraction for the next phase.

(x) Target a US or UK ship as you did with the USS Liberty; with any luck, this time the damned thing will obligingly sink. If not, express "regret" and try again a couple of weeks later. After all, it didn't take long for most of the "dumb goyim" to forget the holocaust of tens of millions of Russian Christians at the hands of Jewish Bolsheviks, the King David hotel attack, the Lavon Affair, the USS Liberty attack, the Global Hawk UAV "attack" on the Pentagon and the WTC controlled demolitions insurance scam, etc. The ship incident may then be blamed on Syria or Iran. Whatever the target, the event will need to be at least on the scale of 9/11.

(xi) Order the US to hit Syria or Iran with nuclear "bunker buster" weapons. Kill hundreds of thousands or millions of civilians.

At this point, the Zionist billionaires in the US and Canada might decide to jettison their Israeli colleagues. Should Russia or China elect to defend Iran with a nuclear strike on Israel, the North American Zionist mafia will be hiding in their bunkers ready to pick up the pieces and turn the situation to their advantage. You can bet your bottom dollar that in the event of a WWIII which killed, say, a billion people, international Zionists would bounce back with headlines along the lines of "Sixty million Jews murdered by Iranian fascists". This time they would demand not just Palestine, but the entire world. Anyone who pointed out that the Jewish population was never anywhere near sixty million would be dubbed an "anti-Semite" and "neo-Iranian". The few surviving Iranians would then be paying reparations to the billionaire gangsters for the next 60 years, with the remaining masses enslaved, impoverished, and facing a poor prognosis.

The immediate goal of the Gaza and Lebanon operations is to enable premeditated Israeli crimes against humanity and have some gullible observers believe that Israel "has a right to defend itself against terrorists". However, the hawks would love to go much further. Leaders of the global Zionist crime syndicate, descendants of a Turkic Asiatic tribe who were chased from their former Khazaria homeland north of the Caucasus by the Rus'ians and Genghis Khan's Mongols, are very like the fictional Dalek race of the Dr Who sci-fi series. They are absolutely ruthless, and lack even the most rudimentary moral compass, conscience, or sense of compassion. They are hell-bent on conquest and world domination. And they are obsessed with extermination: exterminating everyone around them (e.g. forcing hundreds of Egyptian POWs to dig their own graves, with each batch being machine-gunned before the next line is ordered to fill in and dig the next graves), and fabricating hoax claims of having been "victims of extermination campaigns" for fraudulent business and political purposes.

The monstrous terrorist state of Israel, created under false pretenses by the House of Rothschild and international Zionist organizations, should be erased from the map without further ado, so that Jews and Arabs might once again live in peace with each other.

Latest revision of this piece

The Israelis have spun this nonsense about a seven or eight hour discrepancy in the timing of the airstrike and the building collapse, when in fact there is not a shred of evidence to support this claim. They had said rockets were fired from the building; then they admitted that rockets had only been fired from a building elsewhere in the town ages ago. It is pure, unadulterated ethnic cleansing.

12:05 PM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

No, no you have unmasked me! Now the world will know that I am part of the great Jewish Conspiracy to rule everything and kill everyone who isnt Jewish. Even though I'm not a Jew. Er.

Seriously though, cheers for that Poseidon. I needed a good giggle today. And there's NOTHING funnier than a Nazi trying to explain to everyone how evil Jews are, that 9/11 was a Jewish conspiracy, that even though Hamas has boasted of how it holds two kidnapped Israelis its actually the Jews making it all up etc etc.

You fuckwit.

1:59 PM  
Blogger Poseidon said...

There may be some readers who are serious about trying to educate themselves, and I would refer them to this thread where I have provided links to eye-opening material that explodes some popular myths.

If all Jews were part of a conspiracy, one theory would have them as aliens masquerading in human guise. In this case, you would have thought they could have done a better nose job! There is no causal explanation for a genetically diverse group to converge on a plot for world domination, and it is unlikely that the Talmud has recruited all Jews into a conspiracy to become the master race. So I do not believe "all Jews are conspirators" theories when there are better explanations.

Most of the amoral cabal, whose programme is one of global enslavement, are secular Jews. But this elite is a tiny minority of all Jews. The Jewish people are, along with billions of others, pawns in the cabal's game - albeit with a unique role of their own.

12:50 PM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...


Please keep going, this stuff is really putting a smile on my face every time you post it up. I loved your comment over at Drunken Blogging where you said your glad that Adolf Hitler would be proud of you, really subtle and tasty stuff that.

Go peddle your insane Nazi bullshit to the Left, thats where you belong now old boy. Us rightwingers have no time for moonbats lik you any more.

3:16 PM  
Anonymous Meg said...

I had a look at the Scottish Friends of Istrael website and it was an eye-opener. A Lebanese journalist exposed the cowardice of the Lebanese government in standing up to Hezbollah and how the population allowed them to hidse rockets in schools and hospitals. This was done specifically to make Israel look bad in the eyes of a Trotsky press, who also hate the Jews. The BBC right on cue nailed its colours to the mast and supported "anyone against Israel"
Israel is the only civilised, democratic society in the region, if she goes whos next?

8:53 PM  

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