Thursday, October 20, 2005

Snigger Snigger Snigger

(hat tip: Little Green Footballs)

In the 'Couldnt Happen To A More Deserving Bloke' Category...

This story totally, utterly, made my day. Maybe even my week. Possibly even my month. And I dont care in how much bad taste or inhumanity to my fellow man the following post shows, I'm gonna bloody write it anyway, so there.

Guardian Journalist kidnapped in Iraq.

The Guardianistas are screaming, horrified. Calling desperately for action. Says Guardian Minister for Propaganda Alan Rusbridger (presumably with a straight face but I wouldnt count on it):

"He is in Iraq as a professional journalist - and he’s a very good, straight journalist whose only concern is to report fairly and truthfully about the country."

Ah. Right. How terrible. A 'straight journalist' is kidnapped by people who may very well saw his head off. Hmmm, except that according to the journalist in question, it isnt terrorists who target the press in Iraq and the Middle East. Is it?

"Journalists believe recent deaths and injuries among their number based in
Iraq show US troops are getting out of control..."

How about these words, actually beginning and ending the same paragraph with not even the faintest sense of how blatant the bias involved is...

"Insurgents killed most,"

"Increasingly US forces pose the graver threat."

Note the use of that old chestnut insurgents...and get this:

"Angry and frustrated, several radio and television networks, agencies and newspapers, including the Guardian, met last week to chart a joint response to the crisis. The gathering agreed to form a foreign correspondents' association and to jointly lobby the US military and state department."

Isnt it amazing how these people who refused to condemn the Saddam regime which tortured, gassed and murdered hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of its own citizens, can nonetheless mobilise their resources to attack the US for not recognising that a car moving at highspeed towards a group of soldiers with a camera hanging out of it held by an Iraqi must be an innocent journo rather than a suicide bomber sending a feed through to a website for later publication. Or for firing on a hotel which people are shooting at them from. Though obviously US forces should have been briefed that they werent allowed to fire back at anyone staying at the Hotel Palestine (yes, the 'correspondents' involved really were that blatant - subtle name for your hotel guys, I can imagine you, Berlin 1945 at the Hotel Hitler, filing reports about the irresponsible attitude of Russian soldiers and explaining that the Hitler Youth were forced to fight a war at 14 years old because of US and British Imperialism in Germany).

But my favourite quote of the lot, the one which I am afraid makes me hope that this bastard gets exactly what the poor bastards the 'insurgents' have kidnapped before most definitely didnt deserve, is this one:

"There is scant evidence that US troops deliberately target the press, unlike Israeli soldiers in the West Bank and Gaza."

So there it is, right there. That statement as far as I'm concerned puts this man beyond the pale, and shows that as usual the real agenda here is - basically, its the Joooooz fault. Somehow, because, well, it is isnt it? Because bad though the US is, even they dont 'deliberately target the press'. Only the evil Joooooz would do that. Not that Carroll bothers to give any actual evidence that Israeli soldiers 'target' journalists. Evidence is something the righteous Jooooo-basher doesnt have to bother with...

Reaction in the Blogosphere is mixed to this so far. Obviously there is much hilarity - I know there was in my household this morning before I took my own little future PM to school - but even amongst us wingnuts there are still a lot of people who are hoping, even praying for this man's release.

I'm...not. Because if we have a nice lurid beheading feed involving one of their own for the MSM who have spent every waking moment for the last 2-3 years trying to give aid and comfort to the people who have kidnapped Mr Carroll, it might - just might - make them realise that they've been on the wrong side all along.

Nothing else will, that's for damn sure. And besides, as far as I'm concerned after that lovely statement about Israelis and their 'deliberate targeting', it really couldnt happen to a more deserving bloke...


Blogger Rottweiler Puppy said...

Breaking news: The holy warriors have released him. Damn, but that was quick. They even manage to hold onto Italian commies and spineless Frogs for a few months ... But when it comes to Guardian hacks? Hell, the Islamopaths don't even try for a ransom (for the Irish national). Just goes to show that Guardian reporters are worth more than the four million euro-average ransom to the global jihad.

8:51 PM  

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