Friday, October 14, 2005

Gawd Bless You Ma'am

It seems perhaps rather fitting that this little gem (,,173-1823334_1,00.html) via Dumbjon ( passed my beady little eyes just as I was contemplating Margaret T's 80th birthday. It seems that those ultra-lib Dutch, western poster children for the Far Left for decades, have, erm, well, um, decided not to be quite so liberal with those who dont want to, lets say, embrace their stance on matters such as homosexuality (for example NOT murdering homosexuals on sight) or, indeed, not swathing women from head to toe in cloth in case they attract frenzied sexual advances from men (shame the head to toe strategy apparently doesnt work in 'Palestine' though -

The country’s hardline Integration Minister, Rita Verdonk, known as the
Iron Lady for her series of tough anti-immigration measures, told Parliament
that she was going to investigate where and when the burka should be banned. The
burka, traditional clothing in some Islamic societies, covers a woman’s face
and body, leaving only a strip of gauze for the eyes. Mrs Verdonk gave
warning that the “time of cosy tea-drinking” with Muslim groups had passed
and that natives and immigrants should have the courage to be critical of
each other. She recently cancelled a meeting with Muslim leaders who refused
to shake her hand because she was a woman.

You go, girl! Iron Lady indeed...and as I say, as we have just celebrated (or not, depending on your point of view...) her 80th, can you imagine for a moment how Mrs T, love her or hate her, would have dealt with Britain's current dilemma about Islamic terrorism? It wasnt until Major came to weasel his way to power that behind the scenes negotiations (even though the cowardly little bastard famously said how it would 'turn his stomach' to talk to the IRA when negotiations had already been going on for six months after the mortar attack on No.10) began with the Provos. At least Mrs T was consistent on THAT, even if she did surrender to the minnows of her Cabinet on so many other issues towards the end of her office.

Can you imagine Mrs T entertaining advisers who told her to drop Holocaust Memorial Day in favour of an 'all-inclusive' so-called Genocide Day to feature the plight of Palestinians at the hands of the evil Joooooz (cept, whoops, hang on, there are no concentration camps and gas chambers in Israel are there - eeep, little bit of a gaffe there). Or knighting Iqbal 'Salman Rushdie Must Die for his Blasphemy' Sacranie? Would she have had a moment's hesitation in ordering our anti-terrorist police to deal as robustly as need be with the threat rather than issuing guidelines on how not to upset Moslem suspects by not raiding them during prayer time or by bringing sniffer dogs into their personal 'temples'? Would she have let the drip drip of unproven 'evidence' against the bloody heroes who killed St.Jean the Martyr continue without a murmur of support for Britain's latest scapegoats?

No, she bloody wouldnt have. So whether your an ex-Scargillite Miner, a Tory grandee who longed for the upstart female's downfall, a Falklands veteran or just Joe Public, whether you loved the woman or hated her, lament that on this day, at this time, when Britain is collapsing around those of us who love it, she ISNT here to steer the helm. Because one thing I'm sure of - if she was, we damn well wouldnt be in this mess in the first place.


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