Sunday, September 25, 2005

Its time to bury Al-Beeb,6903,1577736,00.html

The BBC was facing a clash with the Metropolitan Police last night after refusing to hand over videotapes to prosecutors investigating two Muslim clerics suspected of inciting violence....But last night the BBC showed little sign it was prepared to give up the tapes without a fight. 'The Metropolitan Police has agreed to provide us with further information so we can consider its application properly,' said a spokeswoman for the programme.

Application? APPLICATION? Who on this earth do these people think they are? They are NOT above the Law, they arent Europol or EU Civil Servants after all.

The arrogance is beyond belief. This is a criminal investigation, people have DIED in our country at the hands of bloody-handed adherents to Islam - just like the people on these tapes.

But of course whilst Al-Beeb might genuinely be worried about journalistic independence etc etc etc, it doesnt take much to figure out what is REALLY driving this refusal. What our pals from the Moslem Propaganda Institute are really bricking themselves about is the thought that they are going to be caught out with public knowledge of what was left out of the material they actually broadcast. Just imagine how bad the pronouncements of Jihad and anti-British hatred and incitement must have been when they were feeling unguarded...

"Britain must be cleansed of resistance with fire sword and bomb, the Jews who control everything with their Zionist mind powers must be exterminated! Oh, wait, is that a bit much? You know that was off the record, right? Allah will punish you if you show that bit on your programme you know, and even worse Mr Sacranie might declare a fatwah on you! What? You wouldnt show footage like that anyway? Buried in your vault, you say? Good, good. Just as long as we're all on the same side..."

Bury Broadcasting House and the disgusting memory of the BBC. And dont forget to salt the earth afterwards so nothing like this ever happens again.

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Blogger JohnM said...

It's worth comparing this with the case last year where the BBC were very keen to hand over covert tapes of BNP speeches. In both cases it is said that hate speeches can incite murder, so what is the difference between these cases?

10:54 AM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Well its rather like the long-defunct No More Censorship Defence Fund out in the States isnt it. They ranted and raved about freedom of expression and freedom of speech yet when asked quite reasonably given their portfolio of interest if they therefore supported the KKK and neo-Nazis rights in the same way replied (shocked at the very idea) 'No of course we dont think they should be able to say the things they do. THEY'RE racists!'

Defining moments and all that...

7:55 AM  

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