Thursday, September 08, 2005

The First Post

Ooooh, its so scary, my first ever BlogPost. Whatever should a dad write about on a sunny Thursday morning?

I think I'll start with left-wing hypocrisy about Hurricane Katrina, pointing out the the Red Cross has now stated that the Democrat Governor of Louisiana and Mayor Raycist Nagin actually stopped them sending aid into New Orleans BEFORE Katrina hit on the grounds that it would encourage the people who werent evacuating (even though he didnt order them to) to stay instead of leave? Or maybe how Katrina was in fact (of course, why didnt I figure it out before) the fault of the evil Jooooooz Perhaps they used their evil neocon mindpowers to stop 'black boy made good' Raycist from using hundreds of city buses to evacuate potentially tens of thousands of people as wittily demonstrated here

Seriously, for those deranged Bush- and/or Joooooo haters out there, go and look at what was supposed to come from the horse's mouth. Once youve had a good read, feel free to comment with any way it was Bush's responsibility to make sure Governor Blanco and good ol' Raycist did what they were supposed to.

And didnt.


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