Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A Fisking! A Fisking!

And so it goes. Via newly famous Blogger Tony we have a truly vicious piece of biased anti-Jewish rhetoric from the 'Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East'. It contains so many pieces of alternately vitriolic (when talking about the Joooz) and quaveringly heartbreaking (when talking about the Palis) nonsense that its difficult to know where to begin, but what the hell, I havent done a good Fisking for a while, so here goes.

Cue intro, where our interpid Episcopalians admit that during their visit to Gaza they didnt actually see any violence whatsoever, but that 'Israel has killed 121 Palestinians during a nearly month-long offensive in Gaza.'

Remember that figure. 121 - its going to be quite significant later. And whether any of these 121 are terrorists of course is not mentioned...

'The new Israeli policy has been to send out leaflets demanding people leave their homes, warning them that such homes should be bombed'.

Bastards! How dare they, you know, warn people that because terrorists are using their homes to launch rocket attacks from, they are going to attack the terrorists! The sheer evil of it all!

North of Gaza Governor Shammala appealed for help: 'The international community should protect civilians in time of war'.

Protect civilians? Well if you are in charge of Northern Gaza you presumably carry the can for the way Hamas were launching Qassam rockets into southern Israel the day the Israelis withdrew, and indeed have been ever since. Didnt notice you giving a shit about Jewish civilians when it was your side doing the targeting, you fucking hypocrite.

Cue more whining about the 'humiliation' of the Palis - unbelievable from the people who were parading through the streets in armed groups, firing AK-47s into the air and missiles into Israel the moment the Jews withdrew over the border and left them to their own devices. The only humiliation these people are feeling is the awful knowledge a bully has of his own vulnerability when his victims all band together and fight the fuck back.

Next we hear about the 'awful crisis' in Gaza hospitals - 200 people have been injured this week alone, the report states and they simply cant cope. Operating theatres are full, they say.

Let's clear this one up shall we? Firstly it is Hamas who have decided that its suit their propaganda purposes better if medical supplies do not enter their territory, not Israel. Secondly if hospitals in an area with hundreds of thousands of people in cannot cope when that area is part of the most subsidised 'nation' on Earth, the question 'have they been spending all the money on weapons to kill Jews instead' springs to mind. Royal Bournemouth A&E treats more than 200 people on an average summer weekend, and thats just one hospital. Surely there is more than one in Gaza?!?

Next we have a really nasty piece of vileness. This section is headed 'Use of non-conventional weapons'. What follows is some truly vicious anti-Jewish lies, with the only source of empirical evidence, as usual, the word of Palestinian doctors.

'The Israeli forces are using internationally prohibited missiles that contain chemical materials and burning metals...'

There is absolutely no evidence for this outrageous libel. None whatsoever. The 'burning metals' bit is obviously meant to evoke images of the equally false claims about 'phosphorus' casualties in Fallujah, though obviously we should take seriously claims of chemical weapons from a people who claim Israel is trying to sterilise them with food aid...

Oh, the report mentions, 39 of the supposedly dead were all medical workers of one sort or another. And shock, horror! Israel has denied 23 ambulances entry to the Strip since it all began as well as stealing bodies from them.

That means a third of the casualties the report claims to document were supposedly medicare workers - seems a little farfetched, but then its not like UN and Red Cross ambulance drivers arent into hanging with the terrorists...or even being suicide bombers themselves. Not exactly unreasonable of the Israelis to search ambulances is it! As for 'stealing bodies', well this really is nothing more than another version of the blood libel Islam has been perpetrating against the Jews for centuries.

Or maybe they're going airfreight to Gary Busey...

There's more. Under 'Collective Punishment':

'Since the election of Hamas, all people have to pay the price'.

Well even if it were true that all this occurred because of that election rather than, say, hundreds of Qassam rockets and the murdering of an Israeli teenager followed by the murders and kidnapping of Israeli soldiers, thats what you get for electing an organisation whose Charter calls for the extermination of your neighbours.

'Two days ago they were in Beit Hanoun. The Israelis were in several homes, they captured the families and for three days put them in one room with no food or water.'

For three days. Two days ago. These guys arent just crass propagandists, they are also sadly lacking numeracy skills, but doubtless its the Jews fault they devote their curricula to learning about how evil Jooz are rather than basic math.

Under 'Civilian targets':

'Everyone who moves is a subject for the Israeli soldiers to be killed.'

Coo, fancy that. All those Israeli soldiers, all that hight-tech weaponry being aimed indiscriminately at 'everyone who moves' and they've only managed 121 kills in a month. Funny how the Jews have managed to kick your sorry arses back to the Stone Age every time you've tried to wipe them out before, considering how bad their aim must apparently be if this were true.

And my personal favourite:

'Recently eight people died of sickness while Israel denid them entry between Rafah and Gaza. They were stuck between Egypt and Gaza.'

Newsflash you fuckwits. Israel doesnt control the Egypt/Gaza border. That would be Egypt's job. When you arent blowing holes in it of course...so we can add Geography to the list of subjects you don't teach alongside Jooooooo-Hatred then.

But why do 'people become violent, the report asks. Ah, because the Palis have:

'No money.'

Noooo, only more foreign aid than any ten countries in Africa, your very own unique UN relief agency, enormous subsidies from your Arab buddies...

'No Food. No Water.'

Here's a clue. When Jews (that would be the 'unclean sons of apes and pigs') buy you hundreds of greenhouses as a gesture of peace, don't smash them, burn them and loot them as a way of expressing your gratitude.

'No Schools'.

No, you have schools. Lots of schools. You just dont teach anything in them except Jew-hatred, martyrdom and and more Jew-hatred and martyrdom. After all, 'Killing a Jew brings you closer to God', right?

'No Land.'

So the complete Israeli withdrawal from Gaza followed by all those peacful Qassam attacks you fired off doesnt count?

And now, the piece-de-resistance, my favourite bit, a paragraph which is so outrageously untrue that even a Guardian journalist might just balk.

'Hamas was willing to change its political program. It agreed to negotiate, to start to talk, to recognise Israel if only it withdrew to its 1967 borders, but then Israel began its invasion of Lebanon.'

Oh my. So Hamas was willing to change? All those statements it made saying how it wasnt were actually Zionist propaganda? And then it only murdered some Israeli teenagers and kidnapped Israeli soldiers in response to the 'invasion' of Lebanon even though it hadnt actually happened yet?!? Obviously History can be added to Geography and Numeracy on the list of superflous school subjects.

Right, thats it, I'm all fisked out. There's more, much more, but I'm sure you get the gist of it. The report ends with a plea from the curiously named Riah Abu El-Assal, whom I'm sure is a good Christian despite the extremely Islamic sounding epithet. It is only during that plea that the idea of 'restraint from both sides' is endorsed, so I suppose we can give him a mark for trying. But what this whole sorry excuse for a 'report' proves is that there are organisations throughout the West and the Middle East prepared to put in far more effort to kick the Jews than I did here in kicking the organisations - but that if we Bloggers are prepared to make the effort its a very, very easy job indeed to do so.



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