Sunday, July 30, 2006

Just Remember, They're All Fascists

First there was this. I got upset, and the needle, as mentioned, went plunging into the red zone.

Now, there is this (hat tip to Gareth). I feel like that ridiculously tall Al-Beeb idiot on Election Night trying to explain the swingometer as it oscillates wildly back and forth in front of a bemused British public.

But, you cry! They're all fascists you know! Explaining why supporting Israel is a good thing is just a cunning fascist trick to lull us all into thinking that, erm, er...

Isnt it bizarre that the 'Nazis' are the ones writing articles supporting the Jews, whilst from the Left we get this. Nary a Leftie is to found supporting the idea that deliberately basing yourselves in civilian areas and then launching rockets from there in order to have human shields for the propaganda war is a BAD THING.

For God's sake, even the UN is starting to get it! So why is it that when even a BNP stalwart and the UN are starting to agree, all the Left can agree on is that the Jews are in the wrong again and the BNP are all Nazis?


Blogger The Old Nail said...

The left do not want to give the BNP any creditability, even though as we now see for ourselves much of what they have warned us about was indeed correct.

The labels of 'Extreme right, or 'neo-nazi's' are often accorded to legitimate political parties that disagree with the current leftist/marxist ideals, it is a way of instantly discrediting them by association in the public mind.

This is part of a tactic called 'No platform' which simply means that whatever the BNP have to say they will be given no opportunity by the media to say it!

I think that many ordinary British people today would find themselves in agreement with much of the BNP's stance, it is only the stigma deliberately given to anyone/thing/idea associated with the BNP which has been deliberately cultivated by the Politically correct regime that prevents people thinking for themselves.

In the end I think the public cannot be sold the leftist politically correct bullshit for ever, even those who dislike the BNP cannot argue against the evidence of their own eyes,common sense, and hard facts!

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