Saturday, July 15, 2006

Mr Whitehead, You Might Just Regret This

Via LGF, we have this Sunday Herald article which is basically an op-ed for one Antony Whitehead, 'senior lecturer in criminology' at Huddersfield University. It argues that, despite elephants in the room such as the existence of two Al-Qaeda made last testaments by the 7/7 bombers which make their total commitment to Islam and hatred of al things non-Islamic quite clear to the rest of us, that Islam is not the real reason for their actions. Nooooo...Mr Whitehead has got it.

Its their masculinity that is threatened, it seems. And of course because Mr Whitehead is a British wacademic, the true facts according to him are that their fragile masculinity is threatened not by the Iraq War, Israel or any of the more 'international' suspects. No, the crushing of these poor boys' egos has been caused by the BNP, naturally...yes, Islamic suicide bombing occurs not because of Islam's commitment to the establishment of a worldwide Caliphate by all means possible, but for really important reasons such as 'having a BNP Councillor and having a guy with no hair shoving shit through your letterbox'.

Note: for foreign readers, I should point out that in the standard Leftspeak of the UK wacademic, there are a pair of absolute truisms.

Firstly, all BNP councillors, members, supporters and voters are racists. Feel free to go here and make the judgment for yourselves. Secondly, all 'active' racists must fulfill the monumentally outdated stereotype of the moronic, Dr.Martin-clad shaven-headed skinhead thug, hence the hilarious idea that anyone committing a racist crime such as 'shoving shit through a letterbox' would have 'no hair'.

Still, the stereotypes notwithstanding, lets see what other penetrating insights Mr Whitehead has come up with. Well, not that many really. His main contention to support his theory (other than that it's all the BNP's fault) is that the bombers 'simply need to grow up a bit'.

Aha! The mystery is solved.

Well, here's the thing. Normally an op-ed by some pointless Brit nutball wouldnt exactly set off my desire to Blog about it. But this one is a bit more special. Because someone very close to me once upon a time lived in a 'disadvantaged area' like the kind Mr Whitehead describes, and for the few months she was there she did indeed receive the kind of 'emasculating' treatment that he describes. Letters through the door telling her that 'her kind' werent wanted on the estate, and pointing out (though less politely than this) that people of her skin colour were not required in the area. Just in case she missed the point, they quite often sprayed foot-high letters on her walls and windows to make sure.

She did, indeed, have shit sprayed through her letterbox.

Here's the kicker though. The person described was one of those emasculating whiteys, and had moved to a predominantly Islamic area. The status of the hair of those who sprayed shit through her letterbox and graffiti all over her walls may remain unknown, but their skin colour and ethnicity certainly isnt.

Odd, then that she didnt fall prey to manipulative older Catholics and turn to extremism and terror in order to regain her fragile ego. Or maybe not odd at all. Maybe it is simply that the reason is that Catholicism, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism et al do not contain the same exhortations to violent martyrdom that Islam does.

But that aside, Mr Whitehead has another problem. The someone described above went to Huddersfield University, and also for various arcane reasons has met Mr.Whitehead and knows exactly where Mr Whitehead is going to be in a few weeks from now - its an annual event of sorts, you see. And this year when Mr Whitehead attends this event, he is likely to receive a polite but very public dressing down that might just make him regret such utterly false and ridiculous utterances, the poor boy.

Oh dear oh dear oh dear.


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