Friday, July 07, 2006

A Fisking Du Jour...

...courtesy of Rottypup. Its his 600th post as well, though this is not exactly a good day to say Happy Anniversary on. Unless you're one of the scumbags attending the 'Islam Expo' to watch a collection of deranged Leftists and frothing-at-the-mouth Islamofascists like this fucker declare their support for more 7/7 events in the future, in which case I'm sure you are smiling on this most horrible of anniversaries.

Al-Beeb decided to quote Tamimi after Al-Jazeera aired the farewell video from Sid the Self-Detonator's buddy yesterday. He described it as, if I remember rightly, 'very worrying'.

Can't think why. Seems to me Tamimi has very little to be worried about if he is being quoted by the MSM as a regular, run-of-the-mill 'expert on Islam' after declaring his intention to self-detonate at the earliest possible opportunity. Oh, and that the Jews of Israel should "sail on the sea in ships back to where they came from and all drown in it."

Still, that probably says more about the MSM than Tamimi. After all, Rotty's fisking shows rather well that when it comes to Islam, the MSM doesnt have any problem with simply calling rabid, anti-Semitic terror-supporters 'experts'. But then anyone who knows anything about Islam certainly knows plenty about rabid anti-Semitism and supporting terrorism, don't they?


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