Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Other Important Anniversary

Via the wonderful Dry Bones Blog, another 4th July anniversary we shouldnt forget...I loved the wording of the 'background' story Al-Beeb choose to give us - now I know language changes over time, but I'm pretty damn sure that in 1976 even the BBC was calling a terrorist a terrorist...and most definitely not a 'Militant'.

Entebbe was a classic example of Israeli willpower just like the one we are seeing now in Gaza - an unwillingness to stand by and watch her citizens be butchered helplessly by those who want every Jew driven back into the Sea. The cartoon on Dry Bones, 30 years on, is still relevant in many ways, although one thing it doesnt have is the extra addition that an update would give to its choice of protesting agencies: the Media.

Because the Media are now the enemy of the Jews just as much as the Palestinians themselves are - the kind of shilling for terrorism involved in the AFP article mentioned above (hat tip to Little Green Footballs) is breathtaking in its open support for both terrorist goals and methods.

How lines like this can pass without comment is beyond belief:

My son, Abdelmonem, was a member of Hamas. He was assassinated in 1994 by Israeli special forces,” she says. “The others, who are in prison, were in the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades,” an armed offshoot of Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas’s Fatah party. They were arrested in 2002.

So dear lady, by your own admission your 'boys' consist of a terrorist considered active enough by the IDF for them to 'assassinate' him (or maybe he blew himself up in a Kassam rocket factory...not that AFP would give a shit about fact-checking in any way shape or form), and the remainder in a slightly different terrorist organisation which also has been responsible for literally thousands of attacks on Israeli citizens. Nope, can't see any reason at all why you'd be considered a tainted source. And how unreasonable of those oppressive Jooooz to imprison a bunch of guys who are part of an organisation sworn to kill them all!

The reason thousands of Palestinians 'languish' in Israeli prisons is that tens of thousands of Palestinians either are active, armed terrorists sworn to kill every Jew they can, or passive, unarmed supporters of that very same goal. So remember Entebbe as you celebrate Independence Day boys and girls. Nothing has changed. Israel is still a beacon of light surrounded by chaotic, roiling darkness, and if we dont keep fighting for her, that precious light may one day go out.


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