Friday, June 23, 2006

Fear My Wrath! Or Something

Amiee has just returned from sunny Christchurch (where I didnt really want to go on account of having a really bad hayfever day after taking the Nursery Kidz to Hengistbury Head) in fiery mood. It seems a bunch of 'Human Rights' activists (and that must be what they are, it says so on their tabards) are infesting the town square trying to persuade people that minimum sentences or the death penalty are really really unfair to murderers and paedophiles like, say, this guy.

Now I personally believe she probably succeeded in holding her own in (ahem) debate with these idiots much better than she thinks she did, but I can't help but strike a heroic pose and share her final parting shot with her antagonists with you all...

"You're lucky my partner isnt here. He'd take about two minutes and leave you feeling about two inches tall."

Fear my wrath and stuff like that!


Anonymous TC said...


Having read your recent Crime post, I am certain you will be welcoming of this news:

The 'chocolate box' moment just warms the cockles of your heart. Who says Blair is out of touch?

If someone wants to (*try and*) rob me at knifepoint, I won't be complaining so long as they promise to buy me (or probably steal from a garage forecourt) a bunch of flowers afterwards. Daffodils, maybe.


8:32 PM  

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