Monday, May 29, 2006

I Have To Smirk Just A Little...

It seems that our American Blogosphere colleagues are, not surprisingly, hugely up in arms over what can truthfully only be described as the 'Complete Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants' Bill which just passed through the Senate, not least because of an 'amendment' which seemingly allows Mexico to have a say on how the US should stop illegal Mexican immigrants entering through its porous border.

Bloggers such as Jonathan Leffingwell at Crush Liberalism and his readership are in complete agreement about ALL aspects of sovereignty being vital to retain for a nation state. How terrible it is, he points out, for a nation to hand over any such thing to ANYONE else.

Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs, America's biggest conservative site, is also up in arms at the 'insane' Immigration Bill which will basically legitimise every single one of the tens of millions of illegals in the US.

Alison at Making Headlines has pointed out previously that she refuses to read LGF any more because every news item out of 'Eurabia' is accompanied by a caterwauling of self-satisfied American Bloggers scornfully prophesying doom and gloom for us 'Europeans'. Well, appalling though the passing of the Immigration Bill is, this 'Eurabian' cannot help a small, smug smile of satisfaction at the fact that it is 'their' President who has steamrollered this disgusting piece of legislation forward - it is members of the GOP (Grand Old Party - the Republicans to the uninitiated Brit) who have helped it get through.

And as for the amendment, well once again I cannot honestly deny a roar of irony at this one. Loss of sovereignty? I respect you guys to the max, but you have NO concept of what a loss of national sovereignty truly means. When 70% of your laws are made in Brussels, when your Immigration Policy has already been signed over to the European Commission, then you have the right to moan about 'losing sovereignty'.

Well, welcome to my world Jonathan, Charles. That smiling lizard face you posted up on your Blogs with the appellation 'Click Here To Thank Tony' because he took Britain to war alongside America? Well, that bastard you thanked so enthusiastically has been giving away MY country's sovereignty since the moment he took office. Every minute of every day.

Immigration. Gone. Health and Safety at work. Gone. Environmental Health issues such as waste disposal. Gone. Local planning issues for new buildings in green areas. Gone.

I could go on. But I won't. I hope our US colleagues will view this episode as a wake up call, and that in future instead of spending so much time telling us how we here in Europe aren't doing enough to fight the good fight, they will start looking at how their own great champions maybe are, when it comes down to it, politicians first and heroes second. Bush has chosen to duck the issue of illegal immigration in order to avoid the mess that actually dealing with it would cause - just like the US Blogosphere chose to ignore Blair's betrayal of his own country because they were getting what they wanted from him at the time.

I'm sure American readers will feel I am being unfair. But Alison has always had a fair point about their attitude to their European allies. And that is what we are - real allies, not fairweather friends.

So I will smirk, just a little. I think all of us Brit Bloggers have earned it.


Blogger DV said...

I don't.

11:18 PM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...


I know you like to keep your posts short and sweet, but could you elaborate just a LITTLE more? :)


5:04 PM  
Anonymous alison said...

DV - But you LOVE smirking normally ;)

11:25 AM  

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