Friday, May 26, 2006


Right For Scotland reminds us that the UN's continued ability to positively exude corruption from every pore continues. From Kofi's son and the missing Oil for Food billions, the appointment of such Human Rights luminaries as Syria to its laughable 'Human Rights' Tribunal they have progressed to the most base and sickening level imaginable - child sex for food.

Not that the MSM are willing to admit it of course. I particularly liked Mr, erm, Scotland's comment that if the BBC were to be believed 'you might think that the Salvation Army are branching out into ritualistic buggering' - the irony as usual of course is that it will be the UN investigating the UN.

What is also worrying and sickening on a purely selfish national level is that the British Army has become, whilst obviously not active in this disgusting trade, at the very least complicit in it. The fact that our Armed Forces are now going the same route as our Police Force - viewing the stopping of blatant, open and organised paedophilia as 'undiplomatic' as long as it is committed by those of, ahem, non-western extraction. Different strokes for different folks and all that, dontcha know. We must respect the right of Africans to practice child prostitution - to do otherwise would be 'undiplomatic', after all...


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