Thursday, May 04, 2006

BBC Shows Its Bias Before The Results Even Start

Looking for early results on the BBC's Local Elections Website, I see that they are choosing to show Local Councils which cannot possibly change hands as 'Holds' for whichever Party currently controls them. Its cute little headline meter is showing flashes already telling us these 'results' on a rotating basis.

Well, as long as they are Labour or the single Lib Dem Council anyway. Curiously the Conservative councils which cannot change hands are not included as 'headlines'...

Well there's a surprise. The first seat hasnt even declared yet and they are trying to pretend the Tories don't exist. Much as I loathe David 'Will Blow Goats For Government' Cameron and his desperate bunch, they are my brothers in arms compared to the bastards of the BBC.


Anonymous Dave said...

and they had the UKIP leader on, Dimbleby was trying to claim no one cares about Europe anymore, he loves the fact Cameron doesn't want to talk about it.

4:13 PM  

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