Thursday, April 20, 2006

Nothing New Under The Sun

Yes, its hokum, and cheesier than Osama's toes after a good hike across the Pakistani border. But I love it. Who Dares Wins is a great film, which in its hokum-flavoured, cheesy way was way ahead of its time in exposing the Left's links to terrorism, back in the days when the Soviet Union was a 'terrorist sponsor' of truly epic proportions. And its FULL of CND flags and references...

The reason I mention it is the great moment when one of the American generals being held hostage quizzes the Mama Moonbat on her motives. The plan, for the uninitiated, is to force the British to explode a nuclear device at a base in Scotland to demonstrate the 'full horror of nuclear war'. This will achieve the goal of disarmament, she explains. Ah, says the General, but what you mean is disarmament starting with the western democracies.

And how prophetic those words were. Those of us in the know, even back then, were aware that CND was funded and owned, body and soul, by Communism. There was no such a thing as the 'War on Terror' back then, because Moscow was open about the fact that it was funding full scale revolutions in the Far East. The Cold War WAS the War on Terror, and therefore Moscow lavished funds on the Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament in the same way as the Jihadis throw money at organisations like CAIR, channeling much of it through the Communist Party of Great Britain.

However with the Soviet Union gone and Moscow being rather more blatant about its attempts to counterbalance American superiority in the Middle East than simply funding 'peace organisations' we have to wonder where, with its membership sunk to a pitiful rump of what it was when it had Communist cash to fund itself, CND is getting its funds from now?

Well, this might be the answer. Kate Hudson, head of CND, informing us that Iran isnt really going to use nuclear technology for bombs, or anything nasty like that. Honest! They are using their technology for peaceful purposes only, really!

The letter appeared two days after the announcement of uranium enrichment by the Iranians - you know, enrichment, the type of technology that ISN'T for peaceful purposes. And on the same day as this equally 'peaceful' offering, and the day before this unbelievably insane rant.

Hmmm. So here we have Ahmadinejihad talking about a 'storm to destroy Israel', the day after he says that the West will 'die of Iranian anger' and two days after Iran claims it has taken the major step towards nuclear weapons. And then we have Kate 'peaceful purposes only' Hudson.

Who should we believe?Well, I'm inclined to believe the actual words of the leader of the country Hudson is blithering about rather than Hudson. I think anyone who hasnt had the Prefrontal Leftotomy would. But there is still that question about funding, isnt there...

Oh look. Here's a bona fide peace campaigner talking about last year's CND Conference. The Ambassador from where in a special lunchtime slot? Now there's a surprise. Looks to me like a clear case of an organisation devoid of relevance, public support and most of all hard cash getting up to its old tricks with 'outside funding' again.

There is, as they say, nothing new under the sun.


Blogger Wolfie said...

Ah CND, what a joke. When I was a student we used to get them trying to convince us all to join-up, I would just leer and say "I'm a physics undergrad, did I tell you how much I love my nuclear toys?". Shame, the peacenik girls were cute.

OK So the Iranians want nukes. Is that really a threat to us or the Israelis? That's what we should be asking ourselves first because a lot of countries have the nuclear deterrent now but in the last 60 years of a nuclear planet none have been released since WW2. On experience one could argue that ownership doesn't really pose a threat because of the MAD logistic, fair point you think?

So have they threatened anyone? Well the news agencies say yes but we have to rely on them to tell us that (along with WMD, Bin Laden's bunker complex) because we don't speak Persian but they have a history of fabrication and exaggeration do they not? Take a look at this : Its not conclusive but it does demonstrate that our understanding of this crisis is being manipulated and I don't like it when someone "pulls my chain". There is a lot in this situation that doesn't quite add up.

9:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scott at the Daily Ablution, has a delicious fisking of Hudson’s letters to ‘thegrunge’ a snippet of which is below, well worth reading in full as it is rather amusing.

Not for the first time, Kate Hudson of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament reveals the real motives of those claiming to act for "peace", [ ] as the reader is treated to the spectacle of a supposedly anti-nuclear campaigner enthusiastically swallowing whole the "peaceful purposes" canard, hilariously equating the probability of Iranian bomb development with that of a British invasion of France. Ms. Hudson thus reinforces her position as yet another among those so consumed with anti-Americanism that supposed first principles are abandoned, along with all powers of rational judgement.


10:20 AM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...


I think we can be sure that when the MSM actually admits that Ahmadinejihad said something insane and psychotic as, well, everything he says, we can be fairly sure they are not following some kind of secret agenda being created for them by whoever happens to float the paranoia boat of Messrs Fikentscher and Neumann, a pretty pair who seem to be indispensable photographers to the conspiracy theorists of the world.

Even if their own translation of the now famous 'wipe Israel off the map' is true and the phrase used was actually 'eliminate this stain from the map', I'm not exactly sure this is better!!! The article you refer to only demonstrates that we are being manipulated by the media if you happen to believe that their translations are correct and conveniently mean what the article's authors want them to mean. Personally I would trust MEMRI over 'its all a Zionist media conspiracy' any time.

You make the classic mistake when theorising about Islam. You forget that religious lunatics, especially Holy Warriors who believe in a mythical new Messiah ('12th Imam' in this case) cannot be judged in normal, rational terms as you or I can. These guys who follow this Islamic 'subsect' of the Cult of the Mahdi are as far out there as David Koresh. They are not only prepared for but are actively seeking a Jonestown moment for their entire nation - the MAD doctrine simply does not apply against an enemy actively seeking its own destruction in order to achieve apotheosis.

I know you want to believe it couldnt happen. So do I. The idea that a rogue state could set off a nuclear conflict is a horrifying one. But if ever a regime was likely to do so, it is this one.

5:41 PM  

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