Monday, April 03, 2006

Hands Off Me, Peasant!

Just in case you missed it...

Dont think that our own UK Ministers are the only ones with a propensity for avoiding legal troubles. This is Cynthia Mckinney, Democrat representative for Georgia. Who thinks that security is actually only something that should affect the peons she rules over. Not she herself, naturally. I mean how dare she, a designated Platinum Victim no less (as LindaSog points out above) suffer the indignity of being actually stopped for security reasons. Well, anyone daring to do so, especially some uppity white cop, deserves a bit of a slap, naturally.

It must all be a Jewish plot or something, right? Or racism, or 'inappropriate touching' (seriously, she looks like Don King's ugly sister, are you kidding?!?) or some such other perfectly valid reason why its OK to behave violently toward a policeman doing his job. I mean Harry 'We Love Hugo Chavez And His Wacky Anti-Semitism' Belafonte turned out to show support. What more proof do you need that this must have been someone else's fault and that its OK to hit cops if you're a Designated Victim?

Or, alternatively, it could just be that this spoilt brat of a politician couldn't stand being treated like one of the peasants. You choose.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"McKinney, a Democrat"

Nuff said...

11:54 PM  
Anonymous TC said...


In the 'slapping' article she describes herself as "a female...congresswoman".

As opposed to what - a male congresswoman? Clever girl, our Cynth.

As for the 'inappropriate touching' accusation...well, I'd deem any touching of that warpig to be inappropriate, or at least ill-advised. Scary lady.

Like the blog DSD.

12:45 AM  

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