Sunday, April 02, 2006

Good For You, Jill

(Hat Tip: LGF)

Jill Carroll, recently released hostage who was widely condemned for 'making' what was essentially a propaganda video for her captors has now, safely away from threat, has released a statement making it very clear indeed that she made the video to avoid her having her head sawed off, not because she in any way supports the terrorist scum who kidnapped her and murdered her interpreter.

Good for you Jill. Here is a journo who may be Left-leaning but has chosen to act with dignity and not allow her politics to influence a real journalist's job of simply telling the truth. Some called this one right, others called it wrong. The former are to be commended, the latter will I hope apologise.

But the fact that the latter were by far in the majority I think illustrates one fundamental fact. Correspondents without an agenda who are prepared to present the unvarnished truth such as Jill Carroll are by far and away in the minority, and this is why so many people called it wrong. I mean when you think about it it was a bit idiotic to take a video made whilst being held captive by head-sawing lunatics all that seriously as an indicator of a person's real thoughts - yet we know from example that all too many of Jill Carroll's colleagues would have made statements like that and meant them.

So, Jill Carroll, we salute you, a journalist with integrity. Something all too many of your colleagues simply do not have.


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