Tuesday, November 01, 2005

'Asian Men Predisposed To Rape' - BNP. Ooops, no it wasnt, it was the new 'Black' Party

"We like many in the African British community believe that if the alleged victim had been in an African owned business there is no possibility whatsoever that eighteen African men would have felt emboldened to sexually assault a child in what we can only describe as an act of horrendous child gang rape."

So say Ligali, the 'new Black Party for African-Britons' (score zero for multiculti assimilation there then) on the subject of the amazing dissappearing 14-year old gang rape victim of evil Asians in Birmingham where Asians and Blacks have been happily murdering each other recently. Not that the MSM would have you believe it was anything more than high spirits, and besides its probably the BNP's fault anyway.

In case you missed it, a rumour began to spread through the Black 'community' (sickbags on standby) in Birmingham that a 14-year old Black girl who had been in an 'Asian' shop after hours for reasons unspecified had been gang raped by a bunch of Asian men. This rumour was given enormous weight because of the associated rantings of a local Pirate Radio DJ named 'Warren G' ('Git'? 'Geek'? 'Go Fuck Yourself If You Isnt Black'?) who seems to have taken Ethnic Hatred & Cleansing lessons from the Hutu DJs of Rwanda (who used the same tactics to inspire genocide against their own choice of ethnic enemy). No sign of a prosecution there or against the charmers at Ligali who made the statement above for Incitement to Racial Hatred though, funny that.

This rumour caused the Black 'community' to start attacking Asian-owned businesses and shops, and in MSM parlance 'tensions were running high'. Black 'community leaders' (no, too late, I need the sickbag, quick!) called a meeting to erm, discuss concerns lets call it. Though it seems pretty obvious that what they were really doing was ensuring the flames of racist hatred were kept nice and high.

However the Asian 'community' (dammit, double barf) learned of this meeting and, ahem, sent representatives. About 150 of them apparently, who tried to storm the place and deal out suitable mayhem. Denied their opportunity to express their frustration at this unjust accusation, the war in Iraq and the lack of an Islamic Caliphate in Britian, Asians began attacking and even murdering Blacks, including an inoffensive young man who was apparently every bit as saintly as Anthony Walker named Isiah Young-Sam. Oddly though the MSM seems a tad reluctant to pick up on that story quite as, ahem, thoroughly as they did Anthony Walker's. Blacks burned an Asian man to death in his taxi and a 'mixed-race' man was shot. Asian shops were destroyed and/or looted, barricades were built and the PC PCs were nowhere to be found for fear of upsetting the rioting little darlings, surprise surprise.

And while we're on the subject of 'communities', isnt it funny how the whites of the Keighley 'community' where organised grooming and paedophilia is both continuing and well documented ISN'T resulting in the same kind of treatment being meted out to the Moslem population en masse. Can it be that whitey doesnt feel 'emboldened' to go on indiscriminate rampage the same way DJ Warren G and his pals do despite the supposed 'race-baiting' of the BNP?

The moral of this story is - well, actually, there are absolutely no morals in this story. Racist Black people have dreamt up a gang rape by Asians and are out for blood (literally) while Asians are quite happy to give them some. In spades. And that's it. Multicultural Britain 2005.

Totally, utterly as that nasty old Mr Powell predicted.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

is one of your best friends black? I just expected you to say this before you started this rant. you are a working man's club comedian at best. you make me proud to be part of this country.

10:17 PM  

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