Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Moslem Mayhem In France - British MSM Suffers Selective Blindness Again

Oh look - its those pesky youths again. You know them. The unspecified 'youths' who always seem to mysteriously turn out to be Moslem or (and dont we know about this recently) Black. Those naughty little scamps have been rioting for five straight nights in a Moslem-controlled (and I use the word advisedly) suburb of Paris. Five nights without ceasing. Interior Minister 'toughguy' Sarkozy makes this incredible admission of the total powerlessness of the French Police to deal with the problem and shrugs it off with a Gallic attitude of 'C'est L'immigration'.

Sounds a bit like Birmingham Police and Home Secretary Bunter after our recent fun round of 'inter-ethnic' rioting doesnt it...or rather not, because they haven't even bothered to stick their head above the parapets and so much as comment. Perhaps they are so incapable of admitting that people on the darker side of pale ever behave badly (even less so to each other!) that they really didn't notice anything. But more on Birmingham later...

This is how it begins to end, ladies and gents. Britain has places like this already - such as the infamous Roman Road in London where you can save your car battery and use the flames of the burning cars instead of your headlights if the Somalis or the Ethiopians or the Kosovars or the Georgians or any one of the other ghetto gang populations is feeling frisky. Not that the British MSM wishes to admit to that either...

UPDATE: The British MSM has now finally picked the story up, but surprise its not rioting youths who are the cause of the mayhem but actually mass arrests of a huge 34 people, ghettoes shackling Moslems, police firing tear gas into a mosque etc etc that are the cause. In sinister fashion even Al-Beeb report throws in a line about 'mobile gangs of youths' which means that if even they are prepared to indicate (albeit in an oblique way) that this violence is being kept going and orchestrated in an organised way then things must be even more serious than we thought. Stay tuned folks, this one isnt going away any time soon.


Blogger Alison said...

Bastards nick Canadian geese off the Serpentine and think nothing of cooking em either. Im in France at the mo (for my sins!) and i have to say that what im seeing of Sark has been impressive. I dont recall him saying in any of the interviews that this happens all the time meaning they cant deal with it..more that this must stop now....He has been pretty tough. His opinion was that 'these people WILL be brought to order as part of their duty as citizens of the Republic' as he said in one interview. Incidentally have they reported in the MSM that the immigrant youths ran away because they feared the police would ask them for immigration papers they did not have? Rather than that the police gave chase in order to arrest them over petty crime.

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