Sunday, February 26, 2006

The PC PCs Make A Grand Decision

(spotted by Dumbjon)

Some naughty little scamp has posted a copy of the nastiest of the nasty Zionist Conspiracy Mohammed Cartoons of Dooooom (well apart from moi of course) on the notice board of - gasp! - a housing project in Oldham. It seems that now we know where all the energy which should have gone into identifying those cheeky chappies waving the placards who demonstrated in London not that long ago as Greater Manchester Thought Police swing into action - yes, our PC PCs know who the real extremists are, oh my...

Because naturally posting a cartoon depicting a Muslim as violent is completely unfair in an area as peaceful and lovely as Oldham. Even though according to the BBC a few years ago 'Asian' youths 'fought running battles with white youths'. Funny how time changes perspective isnt it - some of us remember how all the running battles were being fought between 'Asian' youths and the Police - not white 'youths', but maybe thats time dimming the memory. And actually this Blogger remembers with odd clarity how even though apparently these 'Asians' were religiously homogenous, Hindu businesses were torched and looted along with churches and white businesses and Muslim ones mysteriously failed to be, but hey not lets let that get in the way of a good 'white extremist' story...

It appears that we have wasted all this time and energy in the Blogosphere debating the rights and wrongs of Free Speech and causing offence as regards the Dreaded Cartoons. Because our PC PCs have made the decision for us, removing the need for us to actually make the decision for ourselves. Their spokeswoman said, after all:

"Greater Manchester Police treat any incitement of racial hatred extremely seriously and robustly investigate any such incidents that are reported to us."

So there you have it. Posting a copy of the Mohammed Cartoons is incitement to racial hatred, and we rightwingers are therefore ALL inciters and ought to be locked up with the evil rapists and paedophiles on Rule 41 in case we spread our insidious ideas about, you know, freedom of speech and that kind of thing.

Well then come and arrest me you fuckers. Maybe I'll make it easy for you and get one of these and stick it up in my front window, how about that? Because its way too late to shove this genie back in the bottle, and I'm really looking forward to seeing you try.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The cartoons showing Mohammed as a bomb - they imply that all muslims are terrorists. (They don't just "depict a Muslim as violent".) This is disgraceful. And it's a lie. And the cartoons are crap. I support free speech, and don't think people should be arrested for posting such pictures, but I'm not going to get so worked up about it I go linking to the fucking BNP.

Defend free speech! Pretend to be a fascist!

Having a link to the BNP on your web page immediately qualifies you a twat. Don't link to the BNP - they're fascists.

Twat twat twat!

6:53 PM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

The Islamic response to the cartoons in question make it pretty obvious who the 'fascists' in this scenario are. Last time I checked the BNP, unpalatable in many ways though they are, weren't trying to restrict freedom of speech by torching embassies and churches or holding marches calling for a new Holocaust and the extermination of those who 'slander Islam'. 'Fascist' means monolithically totalitarian in outlook, not 'White and Right-wing'. And if you want to go the 'Nazi' route you'll find far more vile anti-Jewish sentiment on the Left than in the BNP anyway pal.

And as far as the leaflet I linked to goes, I agree with its sentiments 100% even though I dont agree with all THEIR sentiments 100% - far from it in fact. The fact is that on this particular issue the BNP are the only Party expressing what tens of millions of people are thinking makes the other parties the twats I'd say.

Have a nice day.

11:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny that those who criticize and call names like "twat" never leave their names?

The reason why one would perceive Islam to be associated with terror is quite simple: MUSLIMS COMMIT TERRORIST ACTS. Its plain and simple. The fact that these people riot over a cartoon but are quiet when one of their own butchers innocents (sometimes the even celebrate, such as on 9-11) proves that Islam has some very serious theological and philospohical issues it needs to work out.

Personally, I do not think Muslims to be extreme. I think that anyone that truly follows Islam will be incited to violence against others because it is an inherently violent and oppresive religion- hence its violent followers are not extreme but in fact very mainstream. Islam is not Christianity with turbans; Muhammed was not a pacifist like Christ.

Agreed- not all Muslims are terrorists, but far too many of them are- and still WAY too many of them tacitly support terrorism. I beleive the hatred of non-muslims to be inherant in the Qu'ran and the teachings of Muhammed (and not caused by poverty or western imperialism). Islam is about submission and conquest, not peaceful co-existance.

As an American, I dont even know what BNP is, but I can assure you of this: Islam is a threat to our lives and our way of life. Lets stop making excuses for these people.

6:05 PM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Hey List Admin,

This is the BNP website.

I often get this from American readers as their simply is no equivalent to the BNP there. Though people like Mr Anonymous would have you believe they are equivalent to the Aryan Nations or somesuch, the truth is far less clearcut than that. They certainly have a very clear racist history behind them, but since their current leader Nick Griffin took over they have kicked out most of what I tend to call the knuckledraggers, though it has to be said a small but significant minority remains.

As they stand now they are a hate figure for the radical Left in the UK because they are sadly the only party challenging the multicultural Dhimmi mindset which prevails. I agree with their stance on Islam but disagree with them on other issues such as a Wendell Wilkie style isolationism, and their economic policies also have a distinctly socialist flavour which I dislike. Their 'racial' policies are very simple - close our borders to mass immigration (should be a no-brainer but not in the West as you know) and financially assist those of foreign extraction who wish to return to their country of origin.

It is that last which of course smacks of outright racism - and whilst I support their stance on Islam I wouldnt ever support a BNP government because of it.

6:45 PM  

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