Monday, February 20, 2006

The Bonfire Of The Inanities

Via LGF we have a wonderful article from one John Burtis of Canada Free Press about how the Desperatecrats latest house of cards just came crashing down after Dick Cheney's 'shooting victim' emerged blinking from hospital into the media glare and failed to drop dead on the spot for all to see and salivate over. Never have so many column inches been devoted to something so utterly inconsequential, but as I pointed out just the other day, its the Leftist 'Free Press' that decides what's the news and you should all just accept it, dammit!

Genocide in Darfur? Iranian nuclear buildup? Cartoon riots? Nah. A chance, however slim and ridiculous to knock the Republicans, now THAT'S newsworthy...


Blogger Serf said...

Apparently, Dick Cheney is a terrorist. It must be true, Alec Baldwin said it.

12:43 PM  

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