Thursday, February 16, 2006

Milk Carton Mohammed & Other Funnies

David Vance over at Tangled Web nails the mysterious absence of the Zionist-Controlled Conspiracy Cartoons of Doooooooom perfectly...

Elsewhere Little Green Footballs directs us to some (dare I say divinely inspired) Photoshop work from, well, quite a lot of people actually...see the Mohammed Sitcom Collection for yourselves.

The Onion also has a nicely crafted piece on Hamas' new call for peace with Israel. I especially liked the bit about the specially designed freight trains which will carry all the Jews to the peace gathering...


Blogger RightForScotland said...

See? That cartoon collection is what gets my goat.

Yup the majority are funny but we are striving to highlight religious intollerance and a bunch of morons have photoshoped in headshots of 2 sikhs (including one right-winger who had a go at some lefties on a scottish politics broadcast) and another couple of sikh turbans over peoples heads.

Unlike the Left we DO NOT beleive that they all look the same.

Apart from that, not bad at all.

4:03 PM  

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