Friday, February 10, 2006

Sweden Is The Next Domino To Fall - Or Are The Dominoes Really Falling?

(hat tip: Silent Running)

Sweden is quickly and quietly forcing offline websites which publish the Mohammed Cartoons. A supposedly 'Far-Right' Party did so first of all and their webpage was and remains shut down. A political party, their Net Access cut off and wiped out by a Government decision. This from an 'enlightened Liberal Democracy'.

Well, we've been here before havent we? Remember during the French rioting in December when anti-Islamic websites started mysteriously crashing by the dozen? Well it seems that Sweden's SAPO have been exchanging more than fraternal greetings with their French counterparts in the DGSE.

What we are seeing here is the Internet equivalent of what went on in London last week of course, with moments like the ones captured above being so very very telling. Our 'security services' and Police are as usual expending far more energy in protecting Islamic criminals by persecuting those who condemn them than they are in combatting the problem itself.

But is there hope? Are we (*hawk - spit*) Europeans doomed to slowly be dragged into a twilight world of 'consensus' where dissenting voices are removed as soon as they open their mouths?

No. There's hope yet. Because with every voice these people stifle, a thousand more are speaking. I had a very long and enjoyable chat with a friend of mine a few nights ago to inform her of my and my partner's recent Engagement. She is a very mild-mannered, non-political person indeed by any standards. The Cartoon Jihad and specifically the London demonstrations came up, and she told it very much like this:

"When I saw it I actually felt guilty about my initial reaction. Almost ashamed of myself. But then I went into work on Monday I realised that my reaction was actually a very mild one compared to what everybody else was thinking, and saying! People were openly saying things like 'we should throw them all out of the country' in the canteen! In fact instead of being outraged in any way, the Hindu woman I sit next to was in complete agreement as well..."

For people to be publicly saying such things in the workplace is quite unprecedented. But who can argue with the sentiment that people who dress as suicide bombers and carry banners calling for our beheadings should be made to leave our shores, never to return? Who can argue that Islam is proving itself to be the opposite of what politicians across the spectrum from George W to Jacques Chirac have been telling us for years?

The tide is turning, and its turning in places where the authorities cannot install breakwaters or defences - they cannot shut down word of mouth, no matter how quietly spoken the words have to be, and above all they cannot close our eyes.

The harder they try...


Blogger Alison said...

Youre absolutely correct and ive remarked upon exactly the same recently - posted on it too. Even my die hard leftie friends have had enough. There are mutterings where i work also. Today an email was issued to all warning us of the impending demo against islamophobia. (Which btw was recently renamed. It was originally called Rally against Islamophobia and is now Rally against Incitement and Islamophobia..hmmm. The response in this office was of annoyance, tedium some cases resentment.

Incidentally since its all down to us bloggers ;) have you seen the piece on blogging on the bbc website in response to Biased BBC - its very welcome. If more people read blogs instead of the MSM theyll work it out for themselves: evil prevails when good men do nothing.

Anyway its Friday - so cheers!

And many MANY Congrats on your recent engagement btw

6:11 PM  
Anonymous milesinfront said...

Yes, the tide is indeed working. I work for a large law firm, and you would expect a large degree of self-censorship, but this is not the case any more. Many of my colleagues, and the people I deal with across the country on a daily basis are angry, and are starting to feel as if their very way of life is being threatened. People are starting to feef just a tad pissed off at countless pandering towards that 'muslim community' and 'rallys' against newspeak 'inslamophobia.' There is only so long that PC agents such as the BBC will be able to hide the truth. The pendulum is at long last swinging the other way, and these times they are-a-changing.

7:36 PM  
Blogger British National Party member said...

*Big Grin*

We can do it!

10:52 PM  

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