Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Language Of Deceit

Here is a 101 on the correct use of the English language to create a lie from nothing, upon a house of cards built on quicksand. The title of the article states 'Fresh Amnesty report confirms illegal CIA practices'.

Confirms. That should mean 'provides incontrovertible proof'. Does it in this instance? Well, what do you think...

This 'confirmation' of 'illegal renditions' by the CIA consists of the following:

Amnesty claims to have registered over a thousand flights that can be linked to the US intelligence organisation, the CIA.

Not 'has published a list of the flights and the reasons why they can be linked to the CIA'. I could if I chose claim the flight I puked up on over Manchester last August was linked to the CIA. Doesnt mean it was though.

There is further, erm, confirmation though. Aha, here - the Smoking Gun at last!

Amnesty also claims to have records of another 600 flights made by planes used temporarily by the CIA.

Wow! Well then it must be true! I love the image of the shadowy men in suits and sunglasses walking into the offices of 'Planes for Hire' and asking for the bill to be sent to Langley...

In its report, the human rights watchdog repeats suspicions that the US intelligence ran secret prison camps in Eastern Europe. According to Amnesty, three Yemeni men abducted and mistreated by the US were probably held in eastern Europe, although the report lacks concrete proof as to where precisley the camps were.

Repeats 'suspicions'. Whose suspicions? Al-Jazeera's? Michael Moore's? Some bloke Amnesty met in a pub?

And there's another gem - the report 'lacks concrete proof as to where the camps are.' Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather.

Here's my favourite bit though:

'circumstantial evidence such as climate, prayer schedules, and flight times to and from the site suggest that they may have been held in eastern Europe or central Asia," Anne FitzGerald, a senior adviser with Amnesty, said in a statement.'

Prayer schedules? Prayer schedules? Is she having a laugh or what?!? These poor 'abductees' were supposedly being beaten, tortured in ways we are supposed to not even be able to begin to imagine - but their evil, brutal captors gave them their prayer time?!?!?!? How can anyone with even half a braincell believe this crap?

The 15,000-word report includes testimony from prisoners that have been rendered to other countries, claiming they were beaten with sticks, made to stand for days on end, hung upside-down while the soles of their feet were beaten, or deprived of food or sleep.

Terrible and unconscionable, if its true. But there, nestled quietly away, is that word 'claiming' again. And, well, there's one more thing that should occur to most people, but doesnt because they get so carried away with the hyperbole of torture-related words Amnesty employs to shock and emote.

How the bloody hell did all these 'victims' manage to escape to give Amnesty all this information in the first place?

Just think about it for one single minute. The CIA has supposedly snatched these people, 'rendered' them to far away countries in secret, tortured and interrogated them in these secret camps, and then - what? They said 'thanks for the info chaps, on your way now' and these poor, brutalised souls wandered off back home across all those thousands of miles to then give testimony to Amnesty fucking International? What a load of absolute bollocks. If the CIA is going to kidnap people, then smuggle them across continents to interrogate them at its leisure, there's no fucking way it's simply going to let them go again afterwards to waltz off and tell their stories to the world!

So, let's sum up. Amnesty's 'confirmation' of the practice of rendition consists of the following:

Claiming to be able to identify 1600 flights linked to the CIA - but without being able to provide any proof of the nature of these links beyond Amnesty's word.

Repeating unproven 'suspicions' about secret camps which they can't give us the location of.

Telling us that they can't be precise because they dont know how long the flights took even though they can identify the aircraft used in said flights.

Repeating the claims of supposed victims who can't ever be identified because they are in fear of retribution. Even though the CIA apparently let them go in the first place!

Amnesty, as so often in the past, has surpassed itself with 'extraordinary deceit'.


Anonymous Bruce said...

Well, DSD, people like you and me know we are being had by such 'reports' but you have to worry about all the others who just swallow it.

Do keep up the anger. Good onyer.

2:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I could if I chose claim the flight I puked up on over Manchester last August was linked to the CIA. Doesnt mean it was though.

Ah, but don't forget that the evil jooooish CIA made you puke up with their orbital neoon zionazi mind control satellites....

*coughs, splutter*

Oh sorry old chap, I do believe I've been channeling the BBC for a moment...


12:43 AM  

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