Sunday, April 02, 2006

Let's All Say Hello

Here's an opportunity for some fun. This bitch thinks she's oh-so clever to post an anti-abortion Senator's home phone number up on the Net for people to give abusive calls to. So someone has an opposed position to you, and you want to encourage people to phone them at home and intimidate them into changing it. Niiiice.

Looking through her (ahem) humourous cartoons, we find also that making illegal immigration a felony is part of the road to concentration camps! Hmmm, I'm sure there's a connection somewhere...or alternatively, what a crock of shit. The caricatures are really quite sickening - white Americans are depicted as suited semi-demonic grotesques, whilst all the 'natives' are happy, smiling cherabim and seraphim. There are paeans to such luminaries as Hugo 'Its all the Jooooooz fault' Chavez and, in truly sickening fashion, Bush sat atop a pile of skulls explaining to one of the immigrant seraphim that anyone who doesnt think he is doing a good job is going to be locked in an internment camp.

Yes, on one level there is a certain humour to this, and you can laugh at the delusional minds of the American Left. But on another it's all pretty sick, and posting a private phone number on the Net because you disagree with someone's position on abortion is far beyond out of order.

However, whilst we can't help the Senator, let's redress the balance a little. You can email the cartoonist at So let's make her feel as welcome amongst us as her fellow moonbats are doubtless doing to the poor Senator whose only crime is being Republican and objecting to unborn babies being murdered and send her a nice bunch of emails telling her what we all think of this kind of behaviour - shall we?

Here's mine:

Hey Steph,

Read your cartoons today. You're pretty messed up aren't you? I'm sure a psychiatrist would have a field day with all those persecution fantasies you have about being locked up in concentration camps for not voting Republican - I'm sure in your strange world that's a perfectly normal expectation, however the small problem with this scenario is, well, that it doesnt actually happen does it? You dumb bitch.

Putting that Senator's home number out on the Net was a really nasty touch by the way. I salute your level of malice there. But just to prove us evil rightwingers can play the game too, expect some fun emails in your Inbox in the next few days sweetie.


An Evil Fascist Rightwing Zionist Conservative

Go on, knock yourselves out.

(hat tip:Relapsed Catholic)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

1) The Senator's home phone number is public, posted on the official South Dakota legislature website. If he doesn't want anyone to call, why post his number?

2) Calling someone a bitch just because you don't like her ideas is mean.

2:48 PM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Yeah, and encouraging your buddies to make malicious calls to him is perfectly acceptable...oh, and saying that being against illegal immigration is putting immigrants on the road to concentration camps - great stuff, that's not 'mean' behaviour at all obviously, equating people who dont agree with HER ideas with Nazis.

That sucks in any language.

5:23 PM  
Blogger Alison said...

DSD - im pro abortion but i agree that posting a tel nos to encourage people to be malicious over a pov is unacceptable. Id only add that anti abortionists use similar tactics. If not worse. Standing outside an FPC abortion advice clinic and calling desperate and traumatised women murdering whores when they are seeking advice is also unacceptable. Its an emotive charged issue and one which doesnt need to be addressed with malicious tactics.

9:05 AM  
Blogger Alison said...

that reads badly. Im not pro abortion. noone is. im pro choice.

9:28 PM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Dont worry Alison, I'm sure everybody got the difference.

I agree that it is a debate that needs to be addressed more rationally. As someone who is very passionately anti-abortion, I also wish the 'Religious Right' element of the movement would bugger off and leave those of us with cooler heads to present the case. And that's ME having a cooler head...

7:53 AM  

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