Monday, June 12, 2006

I Don't Care What Your Opinion Is. Give Me The Gun And A Single Round.

Further to the previous post, a case which perfectly illustrates the point of why we need the reintroduction of the ultimate penalty. I defy anyone to make the case that this utter piece of shit, released early from a three-year sentence for sexually assaulting a six-year old, who then kidnapped and assaulted a three-year old and received a 'life sentence' from which he will be released (sorry, will be eligible to be paroled from) after five years.

Fuck this 'justice' system. A system which is capable of cooperating willingly in such utter, utter depravity needs to be smashed into tiny pieces and rebuilt again from the ground up. No parole, no 'probation service' deliberately keeping scum like this out of prison, no more 'assessments' on whether or not there is a 'risk' that someone who has raped an infant 'may' offend again.

Oh, and by the way. Fuck this evil bastard of a paedophile as well, and every other member of his stinking religion that thinks having a 16-year old wife and 18-month old son by her is acceptable just because their Pedo Prophet decided 9 years was the best age to take a wife at.

UPDATE: The MSM picked this one up the same day I did (not exactly a frequent conjunction, but hey they needed something to keep the IDF's rebuttal of the Gaza Beach incident of the top spot...) but have predictably used it as a way of lionising Labour by playing up phoney Government 'outrage' over the sentence. Just FYI kiddies, the EU took away our Home Secretary's right to order sentence increases some years ago under the Traitorous Tories in light of the Bulger case, so the idea that Reid's 'review' of the case might result in any kind of Government action is nothing more than A GREAT BIG LIE.

And besides, David Vance at A Tangled Web reminds apparently dozens of other Life Sentences resulting in extremely early releases didnt float Reid's boat anyway - its only the media attention which has resulted in his sudden 'concern'. Normal lack of service will doubtless be resumed as possible.


Anonymous alison said...

Perfectly put. Thanks

9:49 PM  
Anonymous Dave said...

(actually the prof married at 6.)

Whats as bad as the paedophiles is the Judges who are letting them out, the paedophiles probably simply can't control themselves (not a reason not to shoot them..) but what is the Judges excuse?

We are witnessing what happens now the drugged up 60's liberals finally got into positions of power.
This country is in trouble until we get a new generation of leaders, but by then it may be too late.

10:46 PM  
Anonymous Dumb Brit said...

A gun? Far too merciful. You could do a lot with a good sharp knife.

11:18 PM  
Blogger British National Party member said...

Did you read this story too?

"Ex-New York cop sacked from probation service for putting public safety first"

11:21 PM  
Blogger Tom Tyler said...

Well said, DSD. No fucking about, death penalty for those who sexually assault children.
Of course, we've got to leave the EU (whose Contravention on Human Rights outlawed the death penalty for all member states) and repeal the Human Rights Act for this to come about. What a sorry state we're in.
In the meantime, all we can hope for is that someone is waiting for this prisoner to get released and will track him down and do what the law is unwilling to do. A "coalition of the willing", as Bush might have put it.

5:10 AM  
Blogger MonicaR said...


5:18 AM  
Anonymous religion of pieces said...

This guy is going to be targetted while he's in jail.

The 'brothers' will be viewing him as an ideal potential convert.

11:19 AM  
Blogger British National Party member said...

Dave, they *can* control themselves. It may be very hard but they can. If they have sex with a 6 year old (shudder) the first time, they should hav their penises and balls cut off, if they interfere with their fingers or whatever again, they shoud either be locked up forever, or killed.

P.s i guess you could call their penis's the "axis of evil"

11:40 AM  
Blogger Chas said...

DSD, did you see this from the States. And Texas isn't in on this yet. We're slipping!

12:16 AM  

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