Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Conspiracy of Silence

Fjordman aka the (unfortunately now defunct) Viking Observer brings us a truly chilling post at Gates of Vienna. It concerns the current climate of media silence and obfuscation in Sweden whenever the dreaded I-Word is mentioned. Either of them, in fact.

In Britain we have now at the very least progressed to the point where the idea that mass immigration is a bad thing can be mooted without a complete massed roar of 'Fascist!' from our MSM. Well, bits of it anyway. Granted there are still local press bastions like the one detailed in this slightly over-triumphal 'we came second, yay for us!' BNP report who insist on equating even such mistrust of things non-British as opposition to the Euro as 'evidence of old-fashioned racist views'!

In snowy Sweden however the liberal consensus that ANY negative feeling toward immigration is evidence of racism is firmly, utterly in place. The minority party, the Swedish Democrats (who it must be stressed do NOT have the same ideological or historical baggage as the British BNP) are demonised in an even more extreme way than the BNP are in this country. The kind of ugly 'throw them to the wolves' attitude shown by British authorities during the height of the Cartoon Jihad is greatly in evidence in Sweden as well, as the Swedish extreme Left is able it seems to attack those it dislikes with impunity, as Fjordman relates.

"In one such attack, which extreme Leftists were later openly bragging about on the Internet, around 30 members of the Sweden Democrats were attending a private party outside the town of Växjö. “To clearly demonstrate that the Sweden Democrats are not welcome in our area, about 20 anti-Fascists chose to attack the party.” “The Sweden Democrats were attacked with knives, axes, iron bars and other weapons. After that, their cars were destroyed.” The brave Leftists then smashed the windows and threw tear gas into the building, forcing people outside, where they were again attacked and beaten with iron bars and axes. Several of the people were hospitalized after the attack. This was a peaceful, private party by unarmed members of a perfectly legal political party that just happens to be critical of the country’s immigration policies. These brave Leftists or “anti-Fascists” do, for some curious reason, seem to behave pretty much like, well, Fascists, a bit like the Brown Shirts in the 1930s, physically assaulting political opponents to silence them."

Sounds familiar doesnt it? The total, mindblowing hypocrisy of Leftists who scream blue murder about any infringement of their rights whilst reserving the right to 'smash' anyone who doesnt agree with them has long been a staple of British political activism, but in Scandinavian countries there is often little in the way of pretence that the Left is indulging in anything but pure political terrorism. It is small wonder that the Left and Islam has made such firm and unbending common cause - both understand the concept of 'on the streets' intimidation as a tool for the suppression of opposing views all too well. Would you go to a Sweden Democrats or a BNP meeting to find out what their views really were if you were running a reasonable risk of an axe to the head or a smashed car whilst the authorities turned a blind eye.

Fjordman also talks about the 'chilling' effect of educational debate on the subject in Swedish schools, where as he explains a majority of Stockholm headmasters have refused to allow Swedish Democrats to participate in debates or allow mock candidates from amongst the students in the run up to Sweden's elections. From a personal perspective one incident during the 2005 Election campaign springs to mind.

Our local UKIP campaign had hired a small hall in Britain's grey capital, Highcliffe (our borough of Christchurch has the oldest average population in the UK, and Highcliffe skews the average even higher) for a meeting at which I had the pleasure of sharing a platform with our candidate, David Hughes. As we were placing our banner outside the hall three teenagers walked past and stopped, to our enormous surprise exclaiming happily at our presence. They approached and two of them explained to us that they were aware of us and were in broad support of our policies. However they had recently had a mock election at their local high school (previously the subject of a letter writing campaign due to its support for the politically biased Spring Day In Europe campaign) and had been told in no uncertain terms that a mock UKIP candidate was emphatically NOT required, although a Green candidate was encouraged to do so even though the Greens were not even standing in the constituency!

A small moment from a gruelling campaign, but telling. When schools begin to show such clear political bias, it is apparent that something is very very wrong.

Much can be made of the horrific effects mass Muslim immigration is having on Nordic countries - Fjordman details much of it in a previous post I drew attention to. In one court alone, statistics show that a staggering 85% of convicted rapists are of 'foreign' birth. 'Foreign' in this case meaning from Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Libya. Damn, if only those countries had some common factor I could put my finger on...

Sweden's descent into Dhimmitude proceeds apace. From withdrawing from military exercises because of Israel's presence in them to granting a visa to a Hamas Minister despite them still being on even the EU's list of terrorist organisations to taking down anti-Muslim websites during the Cartoon Jihad, the list of failures to address the rape of Swedish society by its newest members are manifold. Let us hope that the media consensus may be shattered by the Blogosphere as has happened before on other issues before the decline of this once-proud nation becomes irreversible.


Anonymous TC said...

Those Swedes are just too darned civilised and *nice* for their own good.

Imams are always quick to defend Is-lame from accusations of misogyny. Systematic gang rape of Swedish females is presumably a great way to display the 'deep respect for women' Muslim 'men' consistently claim to possess.

The fact that North African Muslims are responsible for 85% of rape convictions in Sweden (one wonders if the actual offence rate is even higher; I imagine White Swedish rapists would be far easier to track down and convict than their Muslim counterparts, some/many of whom will not even officially exist) is shocking enough, all the more so when you take into account that they form such a small (but obviously not small enough) proportion of the general population.

It is no surprise that the Swedish govt. seeks to suppress the press. Just imagine the reaction if a Swedish national newspaper had the guts to run a "85% Of Rapists Are Muslims/Black" headline...

Just think, if Blair had stayed on to vote for the final provision (the "don't even question the infinite wisdom of Is-lame, or we'll bang you up" one) of the execrable 'Religious Hatred' Bill, we could be facing a not too dissimilar situation, where Is-lame can flourish without fear of censure. Scary.

I am increasingly forced to wonder if, these days, *racism is just realism misspelt* (can I lay claim to that saying, or has someone got there before me??)...and I speak as an ex-idiot who went on Anti Nazi League marches (for which I will surely, and justly, burn in hell, even though it was ten years ago and my brain was drug-addled). Doh!!


4:33 AM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

I never got how anyone could march for the Anti-NAZI League alongside the Black Panthers or latterly the Nation of Islam - two of the most violently anti-Jewish organisations in the world. Glad to see you have recovered some common sense TC - but what caused this apotheosis?

8:07 AM  
Blogger British National Party member said...

Hi TC, you should read this article by a great writer, Fred Reed.

............Yes, I will be called a racist for saying these things. I hope so. Today, "racist" means "one who says what everybody else knows." It is a badge of intellectual honor. Nonetheless, it remains that if I could change any of these conditions, I would. I don't enjoy seeing people in lousy circumstance. I just don't know what to do about it. Neither does anyone else.............

11:41 AM  
Anonymous religion of pieces said...

Sweden may be going down the toilet, but the Danes are putting up some stiff resistance. The Danish established church has said that Allah is NOT God.

Yet more fatwas for Denmark?

10:36 AM  

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