Saturday, May 06, 2006

Local Elections Part 1 - She's All Growed Up Bless Her

Just one small observation to be made before we get stuck into topics such as the you know who. Watching Al-Beeb's Election coverage (and marvelling at how blatant their bias remains) I encountered the babyface of one Sarah Teather, winner of the Brent East bye-election some time ago where what should have been a rock-solid Labour majority was overturned by the Liberal Democrats.

My, time hasnt been good to her. She was the plump-cheeked, winsome-smiled oh-so-nice face of the Lib Dims when she was elected. You got the sense that butter wouldnt melt, it really wouldnt.

But now? Well, as it became apparent that (with the exception of Richmond) the Libs had totally and utterly failed to make any dent in the Labour vote and all those losses were going the Tories way, the subject of Islington came up. Now for our non-UK readers, Islington is something of a byword for so-called 'Liberal' entrenchment and thinking - in the US it would be regarded as a Blue State of such staggering proportions that the Democrats could field a small piece of cheese as candidate and still win.

However it seemed that as the first results started coming in from this neck of the woods that it was likely that the LibDims were about to lose their grip on Islington council. But instead of the winsome smile and the cute hamster cheeks, what did we get from 'Ms' Teather?

Its down to the Local Party, she informed us all, gazing darkly at the table. They have had 'lots of internal issues' and its hampered their campaign. The Beeb presenter seemed more than a little taken aback at this blatant slagging of her fellow LibDims, and had to check, was she really saying that if they lost Islington it would be her own colleagues fault?

Well, yes, it would, she explained.

So it seems the butter does indeed melt after all. Fresh-faced and innocent has learnt the art of putting the boot in against her colleagues when the chips are down along with the rest of them. Almost bring a tear to your eyes, doesnt it?

How quickly they grow up nowadays.


Blogger British National Party member said...

Heh. I dont know much about islington! but id guess that the tories made the lib dem votors feel they could vote for them, just as much as they made staunch conservatives feel they couldnt.

But even with all that, i have to assume that the girl is partially right, and her mates must have beggered up somewhere along the line.

Secondly, what does "cronulla" mean?

1:59 PM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Cronulla Beach, where the Aussie 'working class yobbo surfboys' decided they'd had enough of the local RoPers attacking them on a daily basis and dared to actually do something about it.

3:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can Cronulla have passed you by mate?!

I noticed that it was OK for a senior policeman in Sydney to call the white rioters scum without comment by the MSM. Whereas when a French minister implied that the vibrant rioters of France were less than valuable members of society the MSM wailed & gnashed their teeth, trying to persuade us that French people gave a sh*t, in fact his approval ratings went up.

8:32 AM  

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