Sunday, April 30, 2006

Will the BNP make the breakthrough?

That's the big question, isnt it? Its reasonably obvious that the media is deliberately talking up the possibility of a terrible Fascist Breakthrough mainly in order to a) bring out the negative voters - the 'Keep the ***** Out' crowd, and b) so they can crow when the breakthrough doesn't happen to anything like the extent they have 'predicted'.

To put things in perspective, the BNP is fielding a total of 363 candidates to contest a (relatively small) number of 4360 Council seats in England, less than 9% of the total. As I understand it, virtually no Local authorities of any size are up for grabs, because the vast majority of the Councils in question have only a third of their seats being contested. So few Councils will change hands, and statistically it is, let us be clear, absolutely certain that the BNP will not gain control of any Councils.

Going to the BNP's candidate list it becomes clear that they are heavily targeting certain areas, but are spread very thinly around others. Birmingham is high on the list, as is Sunderland, and of course Barking, where the 80% of white people are supposedly 'thinking about voting BNP'.

Will the BNP snatch a swathe of seats? Who knows, but it seems very doubtful. Even they themselves are foolishly getting carried away with the momentum of it all, and it is worth realising that they are very much a concentrated Party. Where they are strong on the ground they are still relatively weak in infrastructure compared to many. Where they are weak they are virtually non-existent.

The BNP has learnt the Lib Dem technique of Bye-Electioneering - find yourselves a cadre of thoroughly dedicated activists prepared to shoot around the country to whichever location matters and throw them at every reasonable opportunity that emerges - even if that means passing up on other less attractive. Better no candidate than a humiliating UKIP style 0.something % because of a blind insistence on trying to fight every Bye-Election campaign with three grannies and a small dog.

Barking and Dagenham is one such opportunity. Certainly it is the one which is worrying the Left and the MSM the most - even my fellow Dorset compadre Billy Bragg is getting worried about his former home. But then Billy hasnt had to deal with the consequences of mass immigration into his Dorset shire...though he may well start to.

BNP support is largely confined to urban areas at present because of the direct and tangible consequences of mass immigration. People in those areas can see the demographic changing right in front of their very eyes, can feel the pinch as their services are cut, as they are pushed ever further down the housing list, and most important of all can see the lawlessness and crime increasing as the individual nationalities gravitate to their own little Government-sponsored ghettoes, especially in London itself.

But the BNP is starting to spread out now. My own constituency has an ever-expanding BNP branch, but why? Well, firstly every coastal town is beginning to receive its share of immigrants and asylum-seekers - at an Election count I was told by one BNP activist that he had 'woken up' and joined the party because of an agonising hospital wait in A&E whilst a cadre of asylum-seekers complete with mobile phones and their own tame translator were pushed en masse to the front of the queue ahead of everyone else and, as he pointed out, he was told afterwards that he could have died.

But secondly we in sunny Dorset and Hampshire are getting the 'knock-on' effect of mass immigration in spades now. Our Green Belt between Bournemouth and Poole is under threat of virtual extermination, and new housing developments are springing up wherever we look. Why? Because Britain is filling up, that's why. So where is it that all those people who are fleeing (and I use the word with precision) go?

Here. Places with sand and shell, places with only minor immigrant populations, where most important of all Policing is still vaguely even-handed and not conducted purely along racial guidelines, if only because the criminal element are all white anyway...

And even in sleepy coastal towns, people read the papers and hell, surf the Net. Even the most apolitical are sickened by the total cultural surrender to mass immigration - they know in their bones that Charles Clarke's 'failure to realise' that 1000 violent criminals and sex offenders from foreign countries hadnt been deported was in fact deliberate policy. And they know that for every such person this lying government will admit to there must be five, or even ten more.

Our prison population is now made up by a staggering proportion of 10% foreign nationals. Who can honestly say they will be going home after their sentences are completed? Anyone?

And here's the rub. Can anyone also honestly say that any government of the L3 will do anything about this situation? Well, Labour are the government. The Tories were famously slapped down by the European Commission when Howard tried to pretend there could be any such thing as a unilateral immigration policy whilst we remain in the EU - and can you imagine Dave 'Eurosceptics Will Never Serve In My Cabinet' Cameron doing any better? And we all know that the LibDems want more Immigration, not less!

So what are we left with? Well, UKIP's policy is mild as mother's milk - from the days when they ran newspaper headlines such as 'Space not Race' and called for a halt to immigration this commitment has been watered down to 'we only let in as many as leave the country' which is no bloody good to anyone if it means that the huge numbers of illegals already here are allowed to remain and continue their activities, in many cases highly criminal ones. I hardly need comment on Respect or the Reds, sorry Greens (every schoolkid knows that when you mix red and green you get a bunch of steaming hypocritical shite).

So there is only one logical choice for people in Barking and Dagenham, therefore. But will they take it? I dont even know if I truly want them to - even a maverick attitude like mine still feels the weight of PC disapproval pressing down on me when I contemplate actually endorsing the dreaded BNP.

So, will they make the breakthrough? Who knows. But if they do sweep dozens of seats, then let's be clear on a few things. There will be no great fascist uprising from those nasty old whitey voters. Barking will not be turned into the Fourth Reich overnight. In general terms very little will change. But what will be different is that the 'indigenous' (love that word, it send shivers down every multiculti spine going) people of Barking will have a voice of their own.

And, just maybe, the politicians who have ruined our country and merrily set about destroying our great culture will have to start listening again.


Anonymous Dave said...

There will be no break through for the reasons you said, not enough candidates, and the 'keep them out' vote.

I don't like the idea of the BNP making a break through, but.... I think the Labour party are more dangerous for the country than them.

We see the riots in France that will eventually lead to civil war, I don't think the situation in Britain is as bad, but the way things are going its not impossible.

The problem Britain has is that so many people who are the victims of the Labour party are actually supporting them.

6:25 PM  
Blogger British National Party member said...

Did you say you are from bournemouth? here's some news for you;,,2-2159905,00.html

"A grandmother spent a night in a police cell after a scuffle with a group of children in which she was threatened with a piece of wood. Brenda Robinson, 66, who does volunteer work at a church in Bournemouth, said that she was given only a glass of water by police before being interviewed the next morning. She was arrested for assault after challenging the youngsters, one of whom had kicked a football against a family car.

She said she had given the boy, 11, "a clip around the ear" after he called her a "f****** bitch". Mrs Robinson was then threatened in her garden by a teenage boy carrying a lump of wood, and two 13-year-old girls, one of whom starting pushing her. She said that she pulled one of the teenage girls by the hair and threw her out of the garden. Shortly afterwards the police arrived and arrested the grandmother for assault."

9:11 PM  
Blogger Tom Tyler said...

At this point in time, although I would not be happy to see the BNP with an overall majority, I'd be willing to have them in power as part of a coalition, just to test them out, see what they're made of. Let them prove that they do not want to offer violence against any ethnic group, but that they will peacefully but effectively deal with immigration. I'm willing to give them a chance, but piece by piece, on a leash, so to speak.

6:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The 'keep them out vote' works when only a few BNP candidates are standing. Fire can concentrated on those areas with some success. If they continue to broaden their appeal that wont work anymore.

11:39 PM  

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