Friday, April 14, 2006

Your Own Circle In Hell

I just want to clear this up, for anyone who might not be totally sure. If you think that good old Mr Ahmadinejihad, Lunatic-In-Chief of Iran, is anything but a raving, genocidal lunatic who wants to kill every Jew who ever lived and WILL USE NUKES IF HE GETS THEM, then you are one of the following.

A: (The charitable verdict) You are an idiot. You would rather seek simplistic solutions to Islamofascism by pretending that terrorism and violence across five continents in dozens of separate countries is somehow 'about Iraq' or 'about Israel'. You are blinded by an obsessive need to see America and Bush as the Great Enemy and simply unable to recognise actual true evil when it is in front of you, or for that matter when it kills your fellow citizens.

B: (The sad but charitable verdict) You are ignorant of Islam and religious fanaticism in general, and thus are in denial about the idea that any human being would deliberately and with intent use nuclear weapons against another country without provocation. And yes, you are a bit of an idiot, but have ignorance to excuse you.

C: (The REALLY non-charitable verdict) You are not an idiot. You are an evil bastard who actively seeks either the destruction of Israel because you are a Neo-Nazi anti-Semite or because you are a fanatic who genuinely believes that eliminating a few million more Jews is somehow 'necessary' to ensure world peace or some such bullshit.

A is moral, and intellectual cowardice. Refusing to see the world and the people in it as they really are is a form of cowardice, as is twisting every event to fit your own ideological expectations and wishes.

B is sad, as mentioned. But there is hope for you yet, even if you cling to the naive notion that Islam can somehow be judged in terms of normality.

If however you fall into category C then I have no words for you. Well, none that dont have four letters anyway.

There are many of you. You dominate the media, both here in the UK and in the United States, which in truth is where the only meaningful debate is going on. You dominate politics whether or not you are a politician, where you perch like the most obscene of vultures, awaiting your chance to feed on the misery of the millions who suffer daily at the hands of your Islamic footsoldiers, your chosen Warriors of Chaos to bring down the democracies you hate so very much.

You may not be the enemy who kills, but you are responsible in your own small, evil way for every death suffered at the hands of Islam, for every brutality perpetrated by those whom you give aid and comfort to. I am most emphatically not a religious man, but there is a part of me that believes that if divinity truly exists, and it has the capacity to distinguish between good and evil in the hearts of mankind, then it has reserved a very special place in a very special Hell for you.

Slightly garbled but heartfelt message ends.


Anonymous AgainsTTheWall said...

Maybe Im the neo-Nazi type but my take is this

1. Iran has not in the recent past (last few hundred years, although I admit my mid-east knowledge is a bit shaky)attacked anyone

2. Many of its near neighbours have nuclear weapons

3. One of its near neighbours (this is the neo-Nazi bit I guess) is a brutal, land-grabbing nation with a supremacist attitude towards gentiles (I suppose this mirrors Islam's outlook towards kufrs)

Given the above I just cant bring myself into line with your anit-Iranian stance. Now when it comes to Islam-in-Britain we sing from the same song-sheet.

8:56 AM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Well yes you ARE the neo-Nazi type. I know this already from the simple fact that you are a Holocaust denier who also describes Jews in such ridiculous terms as having a supremacist attitude towards gentiles. What absolute bollocks - I've never met a single Jew who treated me any differently because of my lack of Judaism.

5:35 PM  
Blogger Wolfie said...

There is another possibility in this situation. That the Iranian President is taking a leaf out of Bin Laden's book by baiting/rattling the US administration in order to push up oil prices, which they have plenty of. Pushing the Anti-Semite button was sure to get a strong reaction and appeals to Arab popularist racism on the street. Don't construe that as support but just another possibility.

12:05 PM  
Blogger p_pandar said...

also Mr. ATW, your right about your shaky mid east knowledge... the Iran Iraq war anyone????

11:10 PM  

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