Tuesday, April 11, 2006

More Racial Equality From The British 'Justice' System

Hey, let's play another edition of the Race Game. Look at the following offences:

Bryan Cork shouted slurs including "proud to be British" (HEINOUS, HEINOUS!) and "go back to where you came from" (hmmm, sounds familiar, can't quite put my finger on it) outside Carlisle's Brook Street mosque.


A Muslim who made more than 90 phone calls threatening to kill, rape and blow up Jews has been spared jail. A judge said treatment was the best way to protect the public from Riaz Burahee, of Edmonton, north London, who suffers from paranoid schizophrenia.
He was given a three-year community rehabilitation order for committing the greatest number of racially motivated offences by one person.
Burahee, 25, told victims he would rape their children and bomb buildings.

Got that? OK, then...

So, today's conundrum is: which of the above is worth absolutely no time in jail whatsoever, and which is worth six months inside?

No prizes for this one kiddies. Threatening to kill and rape Jews whilst setting a new landspeed record for racist offences - ah, sorry, you're a Muslim? Should've mentioned it before, no worries pal, you must be ill or something, you can't actually, you know, MEAN IT...

But YOU, Mr. Cork, well racism cannot ever, ever be tolerated. How can you DARE to express actual, national pride in your country! Let alone tell all these people who keep telling us how they want to have their own Sharia laws, own autonomous enclaves etc so they can live like, well, Muslims in other countries to actually go back and well, be like Muslims in Muslim countries. Erm, what was my point again? Bugger.

Once again, the British Justice system shows its true colours - any whatsoever but White.

(Hat Tip: The Bournemouth Nationalist)


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