Friday, June 23, 2006

Smells Really Nasty To Me

The Captain brings us a couple of articles on Iraq - one on the new amnesty being offered to 'Sunni insurgents' by Iraq's President Talabani and its addenda promise to root out Shia Militias - and the other a much more upbeat one on the new prosperity and stability in the Kurdish region of Iraq.

The two are of course linked. Where the linkage lies is of course the factor that dare not speak its name - 'Tribal Tensions'.

Longtime readers of this Blog will know exactly where I stand on the subject of the latter article - foursquare behind the Iraqi Kurds and full of disgust at the way their aspirations have been ignored by the Coalition and the Iraqi 'Government'. Of course were they to, for example, kill and maim hundreds of innocent civilians and torture US soldiers in the name of a Kurdish State they would doubtless be welcomed to the negotiating tale with open arms.

It really is sickening that the Iraqi Government has been so very quick to learn Western modes of appeasement - Sunni terrorists (I will not use the I-word and mean it - a bit like the MSM but just with a different I-word hehe) have literally bombed their way to the negotiating table just like the IRA and many others before them. And now they have inflicted sufficient destruction just like the Shia did when it was their turn to be invited to the negotiating table and allowed to infect the Iraqi Constitution with the sickness that is Sharia Law. But it seems Al-sadr and his cronies have been quiet too long and are now to be marginalised in favour of the Sunni this time.

Personally I think that militant Shia and militant Sunnis are both nothing more than slightly different shades of scum - remember that the reason we did not depose Saddam Hussein after the first Gulf War was the realpolitik truth that to do so would probably result in a fundamentalist Shia regime even worse than the Sharia-influenced one Iraq now has. And as the Shia have flexed their muscles and have voiced their unconditional support for Iran's nuclear aspirations and stated intention to wipe Israel off the map, you can practically hear the cog's whirring in the Americans' minds.

"Maybe the Sunni arent so bad after all, hey perhaps maybe we need them to counterbalance the Shia after all when we have to invade Iran. Because thinking about it we did sign that pesky amnesty for al-Sadr and all the other Shia so they are all still walking the streets and have all their arms ready to hand if we piss them off...oops, maybe we should have seen it through last time. Ah well, our bad."

But why, ask yourselves, are the Americans not looking towards the Kurds for help in forestalling a possible Shia uprising? After all, its not as if the Kurds didnt shed their blood in large quantities in the North fighting Saddam's troops and his Sunni 'militants' in the mountains, so why would they be afraid to do so again?

Well I suspect the Kurds arent the ones who are afraid. Its the Americans who are afraid. Its the Iraqi government which has marginalised the Kurds during every aspect of its so-called democratic process of forming a government which is afraid.

Because both of them know that over the border is the EU's darling aspirant state, Turkey. Poised. Ready. Just like it was when the Americans invaded both first and second time. Poised and ready to actually invade in turn should the Iraqi Kurds be granted the state of their own which they have done so much to deserve.

I will never forget the feeling of helplessness and anger when I saw the TV pictures of the tank divisions massing on the Iraq/Turkey border. Those squat silhouettes with guns jutting forward into the rays of the setting sun, visual symbols of the obstinate refusal of the Turks to move forward into the 21st Century, just like the marches in Paris by 'ethnic Muslims' protesting the erection of a memorial to the Armenian genocide perpetrated by the Turks - which they still refuse to acknowledge ever happened.

Turkey is also afraid of course. Afraid of its Kurdish minority. So afraid that a new Iraqi Kurdish state might actually have territorial aspirations against it (as if the Kurds would be bothered about anything but condolidating their new home and gathering in their Middle Eastern diaspora of people) that it is prepared to lash out like a wild animal defending its territory at a threat which hasnt even entered it yet.

So congratulations, you Kurds of Iraq. Now you've not only been fucked over by the White House, but you're about to be fucked over by 'your' own Government as well.


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