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No, not a direct reference to the post which got me thinking about this, though I guess it could be. My thoughts on 'repeat child molestors' are fairly unprintable, and I don't feel that society should shirk from dealing with such evil excuses for human beings in any way other than a bullet in the head. And don't bother with the 'oh but he'll suffer so much more rotting in jail forever' crap, because we all know that there is quite simply no such thing as 'jail for life' in the UK any more, and you can even protest in court that you've done it all before and be ignored.

I went to my first UKIP meeting for a while, mainly to meet this man, the new UKIP Party Chairman. David Campbell-Bannerman is part of the 'broad agenda' wing of UKIP, the increasingly vocal number who believe that if UKIP is to advance rather than go backwards as it has spent the past 18 months doing it must cease its one-issue obsession.

But where to focus? Well, UKIP's latest and long overdue newspaper, Independence News is headlined on UKIP's total opposition to ID Cards - not a 'Right-Wing' position, but one that most people would call Left-wing if anything. They share their affiliation with the No to ID Campaign with organisations as diverse as the Liberal Democrats, the Greens, the Stop the War Coalition and the Countryside Alliance! But then the media loves to portray UKIP as an authoritarian right-wing party because it wishes to take a hard line on Crime and Immigration, the two sacred cows of the Liberal media, and ignore its deep commitments to Civil Liberties.

So will people be offended by a hard line on Crime, to the extent that they let the following eclipse a commitment to the permanent right to trial by Jury and an opposition to every piece of Draconian 'anti-terror' legislation emanating from Nu-Labour? Are you offended by a simple slogan often used lampooning Blair's old soundbite?


Does this offend? If you find yourself agreeing, does it feel like you are copping out by not taking some kind of woolly 'intellectual' or sociological view of the 'whole situation'?

A child molestor is no victim of the system, or 'socialisation'. Neither is the man who breaks into your home to steal your DVD Player and your jewellery to fund his next fix. The media would have you believe that it is grinding poverty that causes people to mysteriously be able to fund £50 a day drug habits - but the people of Darfur seem to avoid this trap of despair don't they?

Can it be that the terrible 'suffering' of the underclass isnt really all that terrible after all? Can it be that taking addictive drugs is a conscious choice fuelled by nothing more than a pathetic desire to obtain an ersatz thrill and perhaps feel a little bit 'naughty' at the same time? Can it be that mugging an old lady for her handbag is also nothing more than a conscious choice rather than something 'society forced him into'?

Dumbjon quotes something quite salient here.

PRISONER #1: [rather eloquently] Transported for life to the colonies, and forwhat? Scum I was to that beak, nothing but scum. 'Tis for my accent and mysituation that I am condemned. 'Tis for the want of better graces and theinfluence they bring that I am to board this prison hulk.

PRISONER #2:And all those murders you done...

Here's a sterling way to eliminate crime. Lock up the people who commit it.

Ooooh, what en evil rightwing point of view. Locking up criminals. And I mean REALLY locking them up, under actual HARSH conditions which mean that prison is actually a PUNISHMENT rather than a small inconvenience along the way to the rank of master burglar/mugger/rapist.

Prison as deterrent. Wow, what kind of deranged lunatic would think that one up? Well, about 90% of the British population actually, were they to be asked, which of course the MSM is careful never to do.

So why can't, say, the Conservatives, the traditional party of Law and Order as they are known, come up with something so eminently sensible, obvious and doubtless vote-winning?

The answer is simple - because they have spent so long listening to the media tell them that what is a self-evident fact to the rest of us is actually not true that they actually believe it. What they think is political expediency in the face of their own moral convictions has become a self-defeating delusion.

Is it truly that radical to espouse the idea that a child molestor who has committed a second offence even after his 'rehabilitation' on Rule 41 in a British prison should be removed permanently from the landscape so that he can never harm another innocent again? Or at the very least be only allowed to inhabit that part of the landscape comprising a small windowless cell from which he emerges for a few short hours a day to complete some manual labour to help fund the prison he is incarcerated in.

Only the media and the truly deranged can talk about such creatures as paedophiles in terms which are designed and desired to elicit the slightest smidgen of sympathy. Paedophilia is not a 'disease' or a 'sickness'. Such thinking is a copout of the 'rational' and 'intellectual' mind which cannot comprehend the enormity of the idea that not everybody thinks the same way, that not everybody shares the same set of values or morals, and that the small minority who dont must be 'sick'.

Or, of course, 'fascists'.

Those who commit crimes of a horrific and/or systematic nature are not 'sick'. The burglar who notches up a hundred offences by the time he is eighteen is not 'ill'. He is a burglar who has chosen to commit a hundred offences for reasons of his own. What those reasons are can be investigated at society's leisure once he is locked away and prevented from doing so again for a very long time.

The burglar's victims are innocent, just as the paedophiles' victims are. Neither deserve the kind of 'justice' which is defined along lines of social class, ethnicity or some insane idea that prison should be avoided at all costs for all but the worst of the worst.

This is crystal clear to anyone exercising either logic, common sense or who has any ability to analyse the evidence. Crime goes up, year on year, every year. Every person in this country except the political classes and criminals themselves feels more fearful with every passing year. Nobody except said political classes could possibly deny this, even in the most moonbat of mindsets.

The common factors? Where do we start! The endless rolling back of prison sentences, the ever-increasing incidence of 'sentence reduction'. Open prisons from which even violent offenders who in any sane world would never be there in the first place are able to walk free at will. Life meaning fifteen years - if society is lucky. Guidelines stating that only the 'worst' offenders should actually serve time behind bars anyway, open prison or not. Toothless ASBOS. Community service orders. Community Support Officers instead of real Police. The only crimes the 'real' police feel worth investigating being those involving race.

So what is the solution for UKIP, for the Conservatives? Stop buying into the madness. Stop letting the media control the agenda. In short, do what your guts tell you is not only the answer, but also what all but those who would never vote for you anyway actually WANT.

Two little words.

ZERO. TOLERANCE. Across the board.

Will it happen? I don't know. Not for the Tories under David 'Will Blow Goats For Government' Cameron, that's for damn sure. For UKIP? Well not under Roger Knapman, that's for sure. My opinion of the stagnation and staggering amateurishness he has merrily overseen in the past year is unprintable. But under a new, dynamic leader willing to grasp the nettle and step outside the box, who knows? I know I've reached the point of frustration where I'd vote for almost any Party willing to clean this country up properly.

Wouldn't you?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The BNP claim that they would treat ciminals and crime the way you suggest.

Would you vote BNP?

3:00 PM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

I am watching the BNP very closely. If they continue to clean up their act by rooting out the remnants of the old guard who still worship that nutball Tyndall, maybe. If nobody else will step up with solutions across the board to fix what's left of my country, maybe.

When you look at what is ACTUALLY happening to us under 'mainstream' parties, its very hard indeed to be more scared of what the BNP 'might' do given a chance. Some of the measures this Government has introduced have been straight out of a Totalitarian Handbook - I cannot imagine the BNP being any WORSE for Civil Liberties!

4:23 PM  
Blogger British National Party member said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

5:31 PM  
Blogger British National Party member said...

please can you delete my adress from the above post?

10:27 AM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Looks like you knew how to do it already...sorry if some idiot gave you hassle, I do get a few 'Liberals' here from time to time who like to show their deep commitment to fighting intolerance by being as intolerant as possible of everybody else's views.

8:12 AM  
Blogger British National Party member said...

Ah hi DSD. What i did was make a comment here with my e-mail in it, really for your eyes only (because of comment moderation i knew you would see it first) inviting you to drop me a mail, because in the latest issue of "identity" they have yet another article denouncing jeudo obsessiveness by a main man in the BNP, and i wanted to pass it onto you. I agree with most of it. Im pro -israel unlike the article, but Britain must come first.

If you fancy it, let me know here or on my blog, and ill send you another comment here with my e-mail adress in it, just dont let the comment through and send me a mail.


11:22 AM  
Anonymous Dave said...

ID cards are not 'right-wing', opposing ID cards is right-wing, ID cards are about big government and the power mad statists. Thats left, far-left...
The right usually oppose big government to some degree.

I agree with you mostly about crime, but I think there are sometimes social issues. As I recently heard someone say on skynews, if a burglar won the lottery he would almost certainly stop stealing, but other criminals like rapists & peodphiles are not suddenly going to change habits even in dramatically different circumstances, this makes them a lot more difficult to deal with.

Also I think there are many different types of rapes, a date rape where both were 'drunk' and a little out of control, things can go further than intended. People who gang rape strangers are much more dangerous to the public imo.
But the law doesn't really appear to treat the gang rapists much more harshly at all. 8 years or so, bit of a fkin joke.

Child rapists also get a pathetically low sentence, 16 year old, rapes a 15 year old for example, they only get 2-3 years in young offenders. Thats very serious issue imo....

Personally I think gang rapists should get life in jail (first offence), its not just a sexual crime, mostly its foreign cultures with their women hating attitudes...

Note, the problem with the British prison system is the same problem as most other issues in the UK, immigration.
15% of prisoners are foreigners, thats approx 12,000 people. Thats why we can no longer jail people the prisons are full thanks to Tony Blairs immigration policy.
The offical foreign prison population is 8% I think, but Laban pointed out that if you add to that people of 'unknown' nationality the figure is much higher.

4:44 AM  

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