Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Trade You 1000 Community Support Officers For This Guy

(Hat Tip: Silent Running)

Now this is how to fight crime...

Former Marine Thomas Autry says he's not a hero for pulling a knife and fighting back after a group of thugs attacked him on his late-night walk home from work.

More than his military training, Autry said "what really helped me was growing up in New York."

Lucky for him that he wasnt in a particularly PC jurisdiction like say, Bradford. Can you imagine it? Daring to fight back against criminals with - gasp! - actual force? He'd have been inside a cell at the Howard League's pleasure before he could wipe the blood off his knife.

I believe passionately in the barter system as an economic model, so I really mean it about this trade - as well as some of the others I've suggested in the past...


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