Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Invasion of the Grey Criminals

No, not the Monty Python 'Hells Grannies' sketch. This rather is the BBC's latest quite unbelievably blatant attempt to (ahem) whitewash the ethnic identity of a bunch of murdering racist thugs. Rotty has the scoop, and does a ferocious demolition job on Al-Beeb's attempts to brush over the simple fact that a bunch of black men and their Albanian immigrant friend brutally murdered a white English girl in a particularly appalling way. If this were a Black girl murdered by white men we can be sure this would be generating headlines and hyperbole of epic proportions in the MSM, but Googling Mary-Ann Leneghan's name in comparison with Anthony Walker's or Saint Stephen Lawrence produces the same depressing results as if tried with Kriss Donald, Charlene Downes or for that matter Isiah Young-Sam.

Even the prosecution, in a particular nasty attempt at denigration to try to lighten the posibility that anyone might actually consider this a racist crime, described Mary-Ann Leneghan in ways not exactly befitting those speaking of a murder victim. But then when British judges are prepared to say that the 'We have killed the white man! That'll teach him to interfere in Paki business!' doesnt constitute an indicator of a racial motive can we be surprised that British prosecutors simply refuse to seek 'racially-aggravated' convictions for anyone but Whites?

And hey, guess what? Four of the six were 'out on Probation' at the time of Mary-Ann's murder. Methinks Laban Tall may have a little something to say about that...oh look. Actually he has quite a lot.

As Pandar points out below, all uniformed organisations with any links to the British Armed Forces have now been instructed to cower pathetically away in their barracks in case they happen to piss off a Muslim or twelve. This is how our Government and our media value our military personnel, and our young English women. If a soldier is beaten up by Muslims, he shouldnt have been wearing his uniform. If a teenage girl is brutally murdered by drug-dealing scum who happen to be of the 'grey' persuasion, somehow she must have asked for it as well.

We are naked in the storm, and totally bereft of shelter from the institutions which should protect us. These are Britain's twilight years, and there seems to be nothing but darkness looming at the end of them.

UPDATE: Events move fast in the Blogging world, and within half an hour of posting this piece I find that Dumbjon has still more on this after being alerted to a lot of diligent research by Pajamas Media photographer extraordinaire Zombie. Yes, it seems one of the defendants carried a Koran in court and two more are linked to Islamism, and Mary-Ann's friend who was freed by the gang supposedly because she was pregnant happens to be named Shazia Ishaq(hmmm, lets play guess the religious affiliation shall we?).

It seems more and more likely that this was yet another Islamic hate crime, not merely a 'run-of-the-mill' (and it is beginning to feel that way now) black-on-white racist murder.


Anonymous alison said...

I dont think Britain is alone - the West is committing suicide. I read that one of those enabling terror (per recent foiled case) here in the UK was an american muslim. i was shocked but shouldnt have been.

11:09 PM  
Anonymous Dave said...

black on white crime doesn't really get me mad, because they attack each other as much, I don't really feel as if we are being targetted. Maybe we are to some extent but I don't think its a clear cut thing.

Islamic vs infidel is clear though.

Thats why I think we have lost already, after 7/7, various individual attacks like Kriss Donald, Charlene Downes etc etc, this brutal gang rape & murder. Most people still don't see any kind of pattern..
Yet imagine if 6 white skinheads had gang raped a 16 year old Muslim girl, it would be treated as an international incident and Muslims would be rioting all over the world like they did with the cartoons..

English people don't seem to care about protecting their own.
And thats our fault no one elses..
Yes our country has been manipulated by the MSM but it shouldn't be an excuse in these extreme cases.

1:22 AM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Dave - we English arent ALLOWED to protect our own. If whitey so much as even looks funny at anyone who isnt whitey in this country - especially a Muslim - whitey finds himself inside a prison cell on hate crime charges.

7:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the last day or so we have been treated to the story of a immigrant rapist turned murderer who killed a girl here. How awful say the MSM, something wrong with the immigration system. So why the change of emphasis? Well the killer is Latvian (ie white), the victim is an asian girl. No funny chalk impressions either the BBC treated us to some genuine mugshots of the killer. How strange.

5:22 AM  
Blogger no mercy ! said...

Not the West is committing suicide, only Europe. America is resistant.
Here in Berlin, big areas are completly polluted by muslim immigrants. The situation is not yet perverted like in London or even Paris, but it´s getting worse every day. Muslims are like locusts and they have to be treaten like locusts!
The answer is not 42 but Gas.

11:36 PM  
Blogger Phu said...

no mercy - you're a piece of filth.

from your words it's clear you don't think the term english can include any non whites, and how black on white racist crime has become to feel run of the mill when you regard white on black racist crime in almost mythical esteem is laughable.

dave - yeah that's right, them blacks attack each other as much... crazy criminals all of them, thank goodness whites never attack each other...

fucking ridiculous...

1:19 PM  
Blogger Phu said...

lol i see you employ comment moderation yet allow messages such as "muslims should be gassed"

you agree with those sentiments i guess?

i don't assume you'll allow my message.

1:22 PM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Phu - I grew up a white boy in Northwest London in a very heavily Asian area. Dont tell me how Asians and Blacks dont target white people in a racist manner - I've been there, done it, had the muggings accompanied by the comments about sticking it to whitey, seen it all.

All the post was about is arguing for equality of reporting and prosecution - no special treatment for ethnic and/or religious minorities. None at all. That's ACTUAL equality old boy, as opposed to the 'only whitey is racist' nonsense you think is anti-racism. I'm sorry if its not to your liking.

And for the record, as far as I presnally am concerned ANYONE born in England who wants to regard themselves as English, is English. Anyone who legally enters this country and is willing to abide by its laws and respect its culture, is English to me. But anyone who wants to reserve the right to live in my country but still only obey their own 'cultural laws' like subjugation of women, murderous homophobia, rabid racism and anti-semitism can fuck off because they are NOT English.

Clear enough?

Oh and on the subject of comment moderation that was employed for a specific purpose - to prevent one individual from constantly posting abuse and threats on this Blog. No other reason, and I will not censor posts unless another individual behaves in the same way.

Yes, I agree that No Mercy's comment is offensive. NM, I may be quite rabidly anti-Islamic but that doesnt mean I think that extermination is the answer. Simply containment.

6:54 PM  
Blogger Phu said...

I didn't tell you non-whites don't attack whites in a racist manner, you appropriated that from my comments yourself, I think. What I said is that white on black racism does occur. I am also from a very 'multiracial' area, in south London, and actually I have seen many examples of Somalis being abused and/or assaulted on a Friday night outside the pub.

And yeah, your definition of an English person is more clear this time round, in your post it seemed very much as though only "whitey" could be called English.

10:21 AM  
Blogger Oli said...

Personally, I think you should ALL go Home - and that includes the English!

You invade our celtic country, make it your own, make us prisioners to your laws and then have the cheek to complain about immigrants???


Just a quick message to point out that we are all immigrants - I may be Welsh, and have genes that have been on these islands for at least 1500 years, while the English were still being Dutch with Germanic overtones! - but before then ... well, we all came from Africa!

11:48 AM  
Anonymous Dave said...

phu, you have twisted my words, I never claimed all blacks were criminals at all.
All I was saying was I don't see the specific black on white crime as a huge big deal as other people had been claiming it was. Because the level of crime for blacks is on average higher overall anyway.

I had read many blogs before commenting on DSD, all making a lot of noises about racism, I was disagreeing. Yes, I am not the best writer in the world, but I am not of evil heart.

I do think there is a huge disparity in the way these things are reported in the Media though.

5:06 AM  
Blogger racist hater said...

listen to yourselves your all crazy. why is it when a black guy or white guy or asian guy murder, and they are muslims, they get branded muslim killers. i never hear them saying in the news white chritian or asian christian murdered. the simple fact is there are over 1 billion muslims, so dont categorize muslims as murderers when a few black guys who happen to have muslims names murder. they are black murderers and that is the end of it, they are not muslims because that is not permitted in the religion, and true muslim law would have them hanged for there crimes. so stop blaming religion and start looking at the real reason for the murder, the fact that these stupid girls were hanging out with the wrong crowd

5:43 PM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

What, true Muslim Law as practiced in, you know, Muslim countries? Gang rapes in lieu of dowry or to punish the males of the family for a crime of their own, honour killings, hanging people for homosexuality, stoning women to death for adultery? Muslim society is based on murder most foul, and most especially when it concerns misogyny such as this.

5:57 PM  
Anonymous Sanjay said...

Thats why I think we have lost already after various individual attacks like Kriss Donald.

2:32 PM  
Anonymous Sanjay said...

I am send my first comments Invasion of th egrey Criminals all the best.

1:27 PM  
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