Thursday, March 16, 2006

Compare And Contrast Part MCCCXXI

Its not exactly what you'd call a secret that radical Islam has infiltrated prison institutions in the UK and is controlling much of their inmates' daily lives. What some of our UK readers may not know is that in America they dont just ignore the problem - they actively encourage it. Little Green Footballs, bless their little hearts, have a link to the transcripts of a speech given by New York's top Islamic 'prison chaplain' who has, despite his unsubtle words, been allowed to keep his job with the blessings of the City of Noo Yawk.

Zionists control the media, according to our ROP friend, who just happens to have boast of having once been part of the Black Panthers, whose slogans include subtle and tasty quotes like 'Democracy is a Jewish Conspiracy' when they drop their guards and think they are amongst friends such as the so-called Anti-Nazi League. And even did, yes, in Hitler's time, which is why Hitler was branded a criminal, according to our not-racist-at-all 'chaplain'.

No one else is better than a Muslim, he explains. At length. America has incarcerated more people than the entire communist bloc ever did!!! That was one of my favourites...

It goes on, with the juicy quotes discernible amongst the religious psycho-babble. It should theoretically mean that the man is barely considered responsible enough to be given pencils instead of crayon in his nice padded cell, but instead he now has renewed and unlimited, privileged access to New York's prison population.

Could it happen here? Well never fear, no British jail would ever allow such radicalism to gain a foothold. After all, we know what the real radical danger in British prisons is, don't we?


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