Thursday, March 09, 2006

Not Exactly The Boy Scouts

(hat tip: LGF)

This may explain much about Bin Laden's childhood.

"Now children, who can remember the Hamas Scouts Oath?"

"Please Imam, is it there is only one True God, and he says all Jews and Americans are the sons of apes and pigs?"

"No, Osama it isnt. Anyone else? not you Osama, lets give someone else a turn. Anyone? No? Nobody? (*sigh*) OK then Osama."

"Is it Dib dib dib, kill Jews because they are the sons of apes and pigs and their blood tastes really good, dob dob dob?"

"No, Osama, it isnt."

"Dib dib dib, we glory in our glorious destruction of the Twin Towers for the glory of Allah even though it was actually a Zionist conspiracy and therefore the Jooooooooooooooooooz did it, dob dob dob?"

"No, Osama, but you've just achieved your 'Joooooo' Ululation of Pure Hatred Badge, well done! Everyone give Osama a round of applause."

"Please Imam, is it dib dib dib, paedophilia is perfctly acceptable because Mohammed married Aisha, dob dob dob?"

"No Osama, and remember not to mention f - f- females lest the passions of all the other boys here become inflamed and our meeting is spoiled by an involuntary self-detonation."

"Please Imam, is it Heil Mohammed and Allah, we are the Master Race?"

"Well done Osama! You've achieved your Successful Understanding Of The True Motivation Of Islamofascism' Badge! Everybody give Osama another round of applause. Oh, and somebody throw another Israeli flag on the campfire, its getting a bit low."


This mainly unfunny but nonetheless interesting Post was brought to you by Arla Foods - Bending Over For Islamofascism Since Our Profits Were In Any Way Threatened.


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