Saturday, March 04, 2006

Sorry, WHO are the Oil-Lovers Again?

"The prime minister [of Denmark] has said that there is no ‘but’ when it comes to freedom of expression. Contrary to him, I think there is a ‘but’."

So says Niels Due Jensen, head of Danish manafacturer Grundfos which has large markets in a certain part of the world we all know and loathe. Well he would say that wouldnt he? He continues:

"When we travel abroad we almost have to hide that we are Danes, whereas previously, we were proud to say that we are from Denmark".

Funny, everywhere you go in the Western world Denmark and the Danes are getting a resounding thumbs up, not receiving any kind of treatment that might make them want to hide their nationality. Again, there is only one area of the world where this isnt the case. Which shows precisely where Mr Jensen's recent travels must have taken him when he hasnt been busy trying to restrict freedom of speech in the name of profit.

Its ironic isnt it? It is Bush and the American Right who are usually screamed at for their supposed allegiance to 'Oil Money', yet recently we have seen any number of European industry chiefs, politicians and American 'Democrats' who have been sucking as vigorously as possible at the financial teat of the great Oil nations of the Middle East. Its very odd that the only people who seem quite content NOT to grub for oil money in the current climate are actually the American Right who are supposed to take it in with their mother's milk according to the Leftist handbook.

Can it be that in actual fact the only people NOT concerned with this Oil-Nation asskissing is in fact the people who are always accused of it?


Anonymous alison said...

Still its a shame the US didnt pipe up (scuse pun) for freedom of speech.

12:32 AM  
Blogger JasonSpalding said...

Energy in the form of oil is what our global society needs. Our computers run on energy provided by oil in the form of mostly natural gas. To bad our society allows people to protest the funerals of soldiers that did what WE asked of them.

Yes I said WE. The bottom line is we require oil people did to make sure our needs are supplied. Who cares if it cost twice as much? It’s all monopoly money anyway! Maybe people could just learn to say thank you again. Thank you to the families that support our troops. Thank you to those that wear are flag in support of us!

1:36 AM  

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