Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Horror In Pulacharke Prison

Rottypup reports on the horrifying events taking place in Afghanistan's Pulacharke Prison, where Taliban and Al-Qaeda prisoners have revolted and are reportedly gang-raping the female inmates whilst proclaiming their devotion to the Religion of Peace.

Pulacharke houses very large numbers of 'politicals' including Jack Idema, the US Special Forces operative who has been languishing there whilst the State Department tries very hard to pretend he doesnt exist. Unfortunately for them he has seemingly been escorted out of the prison unharmed and under close guard by some of the Northern Alliance troops he fought with and whom have been campaigning for his release along with Superpatriots, and is bizarrely it seems now playing an active role in planning to counter the revolt thanks to their protection. So there is one tiny ray of sunshine amongst the clouds.

The MSM is of course clueless as usual, and isnt exactly being swift to place this to the top of the news. The Afghan government is as usual following its policy of total appeasement and doing everything it can to stop the Northern Alliance troops from intervening directly. Its hard to truly believe some of the things that Superpatriots are claiming until you delve into some the history of how Afghanistan's government with the full approval of the State Department has handled its Taliban predecessors by granting amnesties for past misdeeds left right and centre - sounds eerily familiar doesnt it?

Visit Rotty or Superpatriots for updates as they come in.


Blogger British National Party member said...

These are a very good three posts. Im gonna check out the rally now...

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