Saturday, February 25, 2006

It's Been A While...

Its been ages since I popped over to the Blog which gave us the banner headline 'Where Political Correctness Goes To Die'. The Dick List is one of the funniest out there, never afraid to kick the shit out of events such as Black History Month, or to display some very pretty women as completely necessary illustration of a point. This week's highlights include Islamic Martyrdom as a treatment for erectile dysfunction as well, oh my...

And I laughed my socks off at this older post so much when I originally read it that I had to search the site to find it for all of you - probably the best Dick List moment ever.

Go. Enjoy. Laugh till you're sick.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm shocked and appalled to find out you haven't been getting your RDA of the List recently!

Shame on you!

Now then, your kind writeup of our site seems enough to make amends; you are forgiven (for now).

Seriously, though, thanks for reading and come back often! Its reader like yourself that keep us writing when we could be doing more normal things with our free time :)

Keep fighting the good fight!

-The List Admin.
The Dick List

9:10 PM  

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