Saturday, February 18, 2006

Why I'm Not In UKIP Anymore

If this report turns out to be true, then it will be one more nail in UKIP's coffin. The party which (if its website is to believed) doesnt acknowledge that 7/7 even happened because it cant be pinned directly onto the EU, is actually contemplating throwing out the 'populist' Italian Lega Nord from their Independence and Democracy group in the European Rubberstamping Shop because one of their MEPs dared to wear a T-Shirt with a Mohammed Cartoon on it. There is lots more nonsense about how they invite nasty people like Le Pen's Front National to speak at their conferences occasionally, but this is the catalyst.

One of UKIP's major criticisms of British politicians is the way they say one thing to the British public then say another in the hallowed halls of Brussels. Well isnt it a bit rich that after years of shouting about Civil Liberties and Freedom of Speech, we now see UKIP MEPs prepared to throw the Lega Nord out because one of them tried to exercise his right to wear a T-Shirt!?! Or how about this little gem of Dhimmitude from the increasingly ineffectual and out-of-depth Party Leader Roger Knapman, in the midst of what is meant to be a statement about the curse of Political Correctness in overinflating minority rights:

“The press is, of course, free to publish what it wishes providing it remains within the bounds of good taste and the law, and we applaud British editors for not inflaming the situation in the UK. Freedoms should always be exercised responsibly." (my emphasis)

How pathetic. One minute Mr Knapman is concerned over excessive worrying about offending people and how it affects our basic rights of freedom of expression - then the next he is praising the British MSM for deliberately kowtowing to Muslim threats. I'm sure if it was an EU-related news item being shoved under the carpet Mr Knapman's attitude would be very different, but as its stands he is just another craven and cowardly UK Politician when it comes to Islam. Even this disgusting European Parliament moment has produced a total silence from UKIP - is there anything beyond Fisheries Directives that moves them anymore?

It burns me that I spent so much time devoting my time and effort to helping UKIP to reach this position. I lost count of how many times I tried to convince people during the Election campaign that UKIP was far more than a one-issue party, however since then it has done every damn thing it can to prove me wrong. Until such time as UKIP develops an awareness that there is life beyond 'Leave The EU' in British Politics and ceases to act in the same cowardly Dhimmi fashion as every other British politician bar Nick Griffin, it will remain a fringe party without even the most basic mass electoral appeal.

And that will be the state in which it deserves to stay.


Blogger British National Party member said...

Before i joind the BNP i posted heavily on the ukip board. I could see the willingness of many ordinary members, but i could sense the glass ceiling.

The "right kind of person" for UKIP has no opinion on islam.

The "right kind of person" for the BNP has bravery and a sense of ones own worth.

Ukip needs toughning up, BNP needs to mellow. I think mellowing with age will be natural for the BNP, but can anyone see UKIP toughening up? They have (leadership have) already seemed to have bought into the line that to criticize muslims is to alienate their votors, which surely means that UKIP is not the party for people who are annoyed with muslims in their country.

Well, the BNP is the party for those that dont like muslims in their country.

"Take the law back into your own hands; Vote BNP"

Would you say thats a good slogan?

9:25 PM  
Blogger Alison said...

This is what worries me about british politics. It is either centre ground or out on the edge with way too singular a focus. I dont understand why they cant see this. It must be incredibly frustrating being in the thick of things DsD.

What do you mean by 'mellow' though BNP member? Id like to see the BNP go more mainstream. I think theyd shake politics up.

12:46 PM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Being in UKIP for four years was a mostly rewarding but frustrating experience. The high point has to be the European Election count in Christchurch where the local square-jawed Tory MP grabbed me for some twenty minutes after the first 1000 votes were totted up and we were not far behind them and proceeded to ask about a million very worried questions. I've been a Branch Chairman, a Membership Secretary and run a Parliamentary campaign last year which was successful enough that we were in the top 30 UKIP results around the country - but when you consider that we still only just saved our deposit 'successful' has to be a relative term...

1:34 PM  
Blogger British National Party member said...

Alison, What is needed is a party that is right, wherever on the current

left/right/nationalist/european axis they come from.

If you aim for the center, you aim for a shifting target based on other people who are doing the same. your guaranteed to miss, and the worth of the objective is only valued in terms of the weight of the vote you get.

IMO, you should aim to be *right* in the most absolute terms, and take it from there.

By mellow, i mean spread ourselves out more into other areas of policy (which incidently we are doing. But this needs to be known. What you have is "the BNP" and "what most people know about the BNP" and i want those to match) And to constantly remember that we are here to represent the British people, not the few nationalists who started the ball rolling.

1:44 PM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Maybe we should start up the Commonsense Party, invite all Bloggers to put in their own manifesto submissions and see what we get.

6:32 PM  
Anonymous Dave said...

Where does it say UKIP don't recognise the 7 / 7 attacks? I couldn't see where.

Note its possible these websites can be hacked and stuff a page in an archive that the webmasters etc don't realise is there for a long time.

A new party would be great.
Our current choices are a farce.
Lib dems - just crazy people, votes for prisoners etc..
Labour - dangerously authoritarian.
Conservatives - abandoning core values in favour of a showman.
UKIP - one issue party.
BNP - although they seemed to be improving a little, still not sure where they stand with racism.. I read a site one time where people were arguing about being 50% 20% or 10% black, wtf does it matter? The main thing is whether you are supporting traditional British values.

We need a party that supports British patriotism, but without any of the hints of racism.

2:52 AM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Dear Dave,

Thats rather the point. 7/7 isnt and wasnt (and believe me I looked) ever even mentioned by UKIP, not even to extend a message of condolence to the families, let alone to heaven forfend actually COMMENT on something that didnt have anything to do with the EU. If you were an alien looking at British events through the UKIP website, you wouldnt even know that it had ever happened.

8:03 AM  

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