Wednesday, July 26, 2006

So Sick Of It All

I officially declare I've had enough. Had enough of the media, the UN, the fuckin Lib Dems, the UN again (repairing roads for Hezbollah for christ's sake!) the fuckin Iraqis courting favour with the Shiites by condemning Israel and actually making me side with the Democrats for once (!), in fact the whole fucking lot of them.

I have asked the question before, and I ask it again now. Why are we still in Iraq? What the hell are we doing supporting yet another anti-Jewish Islamic regime? Naturally, in the current climate poor old Presidente al-Maliki has managed to achieve his first ever united parliamentary vote - when there's a chance for a bunch of fucking Muslims to kick the Jews. (And on the subject of the media - '116 dead, all but four of them civilians'?!? Reuters can fuck off and die).

It may only be a little thing to most people. But I think it really does say it all. The only thing that unites this 'poor divided country', 'riven with sectarian strife', 'blah-de-fucking-blah' - is a chance to take a pop at the nasty old Jooooz.

Fuck Iraq. You don't deserve another drop of British blood or another penny of British money. The Shiites and Sunnis can all kill each other in whatever sectarian fashion gets them hardest, I dont want any part of it anymore.

And even worse, I'm having to side with the Democrats for once! Yes, it is only the Dems in the US who have the guts to condemn Maliki's comments and stand up for Israel by asking that he apologise or be denied his chance to address Congress.

And the Republicans? Those 'champions of Israel'? Well some have stood up to be counted, but others...

"For him to take a strong stance that's perceived as pro-Israel where he's from is very difficult," Kansas Republican Sen. Sam Brownback.

WHAT THE FUCK? So now geography is allowed to determine morality? So in order to bolster up this pathetic regime with its Sharia-dominated 'Constitution' we allow its leader to make anti-Jewish remarks because, well, obviously its difficult for him to do otherwise because all his voters hate the Jews as well!

It gets better:

Senate Republican Whip Mitch McConnell of Kentucky called the Democrats' statements "an insult to a duly-elected leader."

I see. So thats the main criteria then. So presumably that nice Mr Haniyeh is no longer a terrorist as far as Mr McConnell is concerned as Hamas was, after all, democratically elected with a pretty overwhelming majority and any condemnation of him is also an 'insult to a duly-elected leader'.

Contrast this with the Dems:

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada said Maliki, in his White House appearance with
President George W. Bush, again failed to state his view of Hizbollah, which the United States deems a terrorist organization.

"We have spent hundreds of billions of dollars in Iraq. We've lost more than 2,500 American soldiers, more than 20,000 wounded. We deserve that answer," Reid said.

Oh my now isnt THAT a salient can argue about going into Iraq as much as you want, but staying there? I think Mr Reid is correct - but that we've already had the answer.


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