Thursday, July 06, 2006

Don't Worry, The US Probably 'Invented' Tanweer's Video Too

Al-Beeb felt the motives of poor old Sid the Self-Detonator were a 'mystery'. Then Sid's last will and testament surfaced (on Al-jazeera, where else) and yes, the headlines explained it was all about Iraq. Though Sid the Sweetie also expressed great support for the 9-11 attacks which happened before the invasion and apparently Muslims never committed anyway, according to Sid's fellow aliens from Beeston.

Just a couple of days ago our PC PCs were still struggling desperately to avoid blaming anyone at all for the 'radicalisation' of these peace-loving chappies. Because there couldnt possibly be any link to the War On Terror even though Al-Qaeda's luminary Zawahiri guested on Sid's farewell vid - Al-Qaeda's global influence is just a myth, after all.

Oh. Hang on. Ooopsy. Maybe the newly-emerged fact that good old Al-Q had a video from another one of the bombers, filmed with the same script in the same room is just a coincidence...or could it be that, in fact this is all just another part of the same War on Terror that America supposedly 'invented' for the benefit HalliburtonOilCheneyRumsfeldBushitler etc etc?

No, I didnt think Iraq was a proper target, though Afghanistan surely was. But the idea that it was 'Iraq' that caused the deaths of fifty-plus British citizens a year ago tomorrow is wearing thinner and thinner by the moment. Al-Qaeda and Islam have been at war with the West since long before the West invaded Iraq or Afghanistan, and today's despicably timed bit of propaganda is just one more kick in the teeth for all those who claim otherwise.


Blogger p_pandar said...

"Khan's story is not one of cultural isolation, racial segregation or adolescent religious indoctrination." Surley meaning then that if it was not the circumstances he was placed in within our society that caused this depraved act, it must have been his other cultural influences, i.e. his religion that caused him to commit such a depraved act?

And is that not what people such as yourself have been saying all along?

12:03 PM  

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