Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Nah, Can't Possibly Have Been A Mine That Went Off On That Gaza Beach...

...because the Palis would never set up mines near civilians at all, right?

Have I mentioned how much I hate the media today? Best get it out of the way now then...


Anonymous TC said...


I get the feeling you might approve of this BNP move:


From what I have read, it seems you are a fairly frustrated UKIP-er who is keeping an open mind about the BNP. I wonder then, what your response would be to the last-but-one paragraph of the BNP piece:

"WE are NOT telling people to join or even support UKIP. That party's leadership has shown its fundamentally non-nationalist position by coming out with an insane immigration policy under which they'd be happy to accept as many Africans and Third World Muslims coming into our country each year as native-born Brits emigrate. Their "zero-sum immigration policy" is in reality just another description for the native peoples of these islands being replaced in their own homeland."

I'm afraid that's a good enough reason for me NEVER to vote UKIP, even though their general manifesto reflects better my own political beliefs than that of the BNP (who are pretty hard left/socialist on some matters).

All I know is that the dark-skinned gangs that roam around my town in search of violence are not thigh-slapping Germans, and the dusky guy who sells 10-wraps of heroin outside the 24-hour garage is almost certainly not a whale-munching Finn.


12:05 PM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

I certainly do approve of this move. I did think that it was a quite bizarre decision of the BNP not to fight the seat, but then I think they knew that on this occasion they would for once be trounced by UKIP, who have actually got a decent war chest and infrastructure to fight this particular bye-election, and are also advantaged by the fact that the sitting MP was one of the few genuine Europhobes left in the Party after the advent of Call Me Dave.

Not that I think UKIP will win the seat, but I think they might manage a respectable 15-20%. The English Democrats will take a few votes off them, and it may be that as is so often the case UKIP is overestimating the anti-EU factor. We shall see.

6:06 PM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

And TC, yes you have hit the nail on the head with UKIP. People voted BNP in May because they were worried about the muggers and pushers - weighty matters of soveriegnty arent impacting people worried about getting through tomorrow without being attacked or robbed.

6:08 PM  
Anonymous TC said...


While I have your attention, can I ask you what UKIP are saying about mental health? I ask because it's pertinent to your UKIP Crime and Drugs post - the three are inextricably linked - and it's not something I feel I can trust the BNP on.

You might be thinking 'liberal w@nker alert' at this juncture, but it's a serious point. I suffer from a severe mental illness myself (Bipolar + Derealisation) and I've spent 6 years researching the subject (know thine enemy and all that). There's no doubt in my there's a MASSIVE link between untreated mental illness and much of the drug use and other crime we see.

Mental healthcare is the Cinderella of the NHS - provision stinks. I would know. There are a lot of people who 'self-medicate' with drugs because there is no alternative for relieving their pain. Diagnose early, treat comprehensively (with modern drugs, therapy only if they're messed up) and you'll see 'problem' drug use plummet, and with it related crime. More prison places for Class A drug dealers and kiddy fiddlers.

There's a political dimension to all this - and a clear opportunity for the Right. As was confirmed to me by a couple of the top professors I consulted in the past, British psychiatry is being infiltrated - and corrupted - by the Left and their twisted, unscientific, 'all-medications-are-bad' beliefs. When I seek help I am invariably referred to some pashmina-wearing, hand-wringing tree-hugger who wants me to 'discover your inner child', 'search within your soul' and 'learn that it's OK to love yourself' (I'm serious!) and talk endlessly about my perfect childhood. On the rare occasions I see these narcissistic f@ckers now it's pure sport; taking a wrecking ball to their deluded beliefs and crushing their egos. It's what passes for fun in my house. These are the cynical f@ckers who *exploit* needy, neurotic women with their endless 'self-help' books. Tossers.

Anyway, the point is; I have a biological, inherited disease which only responds to physical treatments (psychotropic medications). So why do I have to self-prescribe and order from abroad? OK, the drugs work only partially, but I can function and I don't want to spend years navel-gazing to no effect with some dull, do-gooder idiot. The Rational Right (probably not the BNP) needs to rescue psychiatry from these self-important heal-the-world idiots AND PUMP FUNDS INTO THE SERVICE. Where's UKIP on this?

Relating this to your paedophile posts; during my psychiatric travails, I came across a number of people who had been abused as kids. Grown-ups who would break down every.single.time.they had to talk. It was difficult to watch. These people were emotional wrecks. I've seen it first hand; kiddy fiddlers RUIN LIVES - which is why I am in agreement with you on this one. They are scum who should NEVER be given the opportunity to repeat their crimes.

As you can see, my health trust is currently unable to provide me with a psychiatrist and so I am reduced to anonymous rants on other people's blogs. Funny old world.


1:16 AM  
Anonymous alison said...

Did i read Egypt have built a big scary wall to keep out the Palis? LOL! (LGF)

1:14 PM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Yes, the media has spectacularly failed to mention the fact that the Egyptians have indeed built an 'apartheid wall' of their very own to keep their Paleswinian 'brothers' out of their territory. The only reason they've even decided to mention it now is that even they can't ignore Hamas blowing a fucking huge hole in it!

LGF's got the scoop.


4:44 PM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...


You have a good way with words, you've proven that in the past on this Blog and I'm sure on others.


Blogging is extremely cathartic and may help you work some of those frustrations off.

On the specific subject of bipolar, well my experience of this is the fact that my ex-wife suffers from it and she certainly has very adequate provision, including CPN's who once covered up my finding cannabis plants growing in the bedroom she was having my daughter sleep over in! Her psychiatrist is a dickhead who just tells her what he thinks she wants to hear over and over - you're better off without mate, believe me.

The problem with these kinds of meds is that they are all a double-edged sword. All have nasty side-effects which affect no two people the same - however the idea that no meds is best is a stupid PC one as you say. Witness the current burgeoning measles epidemic for an example of what happens when PC nonsense affects child medicare...

Though thinking about it I can think of at least one commenter on this Blog who will disagree with that last point 100%...ah, such is the joy of rightwing Blogging. So much more challenging than just agreeing that its Bush and the Jooooz fault.

5:12 PM  

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