Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Lies To The Left Of Them, Lies To The Right...

Its been one hell of a month for the MSM. Really.

First, there was the Haditha massacre that wasnt. Time Magazine claimed that its two-man 'Hammurabid Human Rights Something Group' - consisting of a Reuters-accredited 'reporter' who had previously been jailed for terror-related activities and his relative - had videod 'authentic' footage of 'massacred' Iraqis. It also turns out that the doctor who provided the medical 'corroboration' had also been jailed previously and had been on record as having violently anti-American sentiments...the link above debunks the whole thing pretty well. So, a rabidly anti-US doctor and some video footage of unidentified bodies taken by a rabidly anti-US journalist and hey presto - instant scandal!

Then there was the Gaza Beach Shelling Massacre. That also wasn't. LGF directs us once more to a pretty comprehensive debunking of the whole ridiculous hoax. Well, unless you believe the Guardian and Independent's 'absolutely verifiable proof' about the land-based artillery which also doubles as gunboats with 155mm guns mounted! Not content with this, the Indie tells us that they really are sure this time because some guy from an extremist 'Human Rights' group says he has some shell casing which has the letters 55 on it and has been allowed access to the 'scene' - which the Paliswine only allowed anyone near three days after the event anyway.

(Well, except the TV cameras which just happened to be there just at the right moment - but only to see the photogenic little girl screaming unconvincingly for the camera rather than to see, oooh, I don't know, some actual shelling?!? You'd think if the cameras were close enough to record the 'on the spot' expression of grief they might have caught the actual shelling on tape?)

So, to sum up, that's it. That's the evidence the likes of the Indie is producing. Some bloke from the pub, er, I mean Human Rights Group, says the Joooooz did it, guvnor. Honest.

These people are really, really low. They are our enemies, the enemies of civilisation, a true Fifth Column - pure and simple.

May they rot in whatever Hell will hold its nose and take them.

(Oh, and by the way, just in case any of you missed this one...)


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